The Strange Behavior of Actors May Suggest Deeper Perceptions of Reality

If You Can Change Your Personality at Will, Are You Still Human?

While we often admire movie and television star celebrities, these actors, at the same time we delight in seeing their dirty laundry aired. We sometimes secretly cheer when famous couples get divorced, telling ourselves we knew the relationship would never last because it was based on shallow values of fame and fortune that often come and go pretty quickly in the acting life. We do this despite the fact that divorce rates among famous people have been shown to not be any higher than those among the rank and file population.

Nevertheless, there is something decidely strange about actors that doesn’t bode well with us “ordinary folk.” They seem to effortlessly switch personas, and not just as an affectation of their jobs. When caught doing explicit, profane things, we wonder who these people really are inside. Examples range from veteran performers like Mel Gibson being pulled over for drunken driving and spouting anti-Semitic ravings, to pop stars like Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan that appear to cyclically rise and fall from grace as they reinvent themselves.

This all begs the question, are actors really a different type of human being? One with chameleon-like abilities that any normal human being shouldn’t possess? They seem to have the ability to “shed their skin” on a moment by moment basis, expressing different mindsets and personalities as if they didn’t have one true persona to latch onto. This observation on my part has led me to speculate that many famous actors may in fact be a higher or different form of human intelligence than what is considered normal for our time and place in today's culture.

This is not to say they are better, but if they are in fact different, at least some of them, then we have to ask ourselves why. Are they aliens like the Men In Black movies suggested when it showed characters like Sylvester Stallone and Michael Jackson’s behavior being monitored on Earth so they didn’t reveal themselves to the general population? Are they time travelers from the future, here to observe and interact with us on as emotional a level as possible to see our reactions? Or are they simply screwed up human beings with a poor sense of personal identity that find the acting profession a particularly satisfying form of psycho-therapy?

My theory is that actors are interdimensional creatures, humans who have found a way to tap into a higher consciousness that we all possess but usually remain oblivious to. This seems to go hand in hand with the idea of reincarnation in the respect that the personality or human mind is a form of compact information storage which may exist eternally in some sort of permanent pattern, beyond death.

If Jung was right about the “collective unconscious” and quantum theories are right about time, space, matter and energy really being based at the ultimate level on simply information, then actors may be tapping into this underlying matrix of human expression and awareness that is stored in some extra-physical, foundational realm. They “channel” in other words, the Roman Legion warrior or the inspired toll booth operator who writes a best-selling novel, whatever character and role they are currently playing.

As interdimensional beings, do we have anything important to learn from actors? We seem to think so. We are entranced by their performances. We spend a large amount of our free time either in front of the television, or at the cinema. I was recently watching an episode of Star Trek, and one of the characters, portraying an alien race and watching a human movie, stated that his people had once had a similar form of entertainment. But they gave it up when they realized their own lives were far more exciting.

We don’t seem to have discovered that for ourselves yet here on Earth. We instead prefer to live vicariously through the fantasies of actors, instead of through our own fantasies. Why is that? Aren’t our own fantasies and dreams far more satisfying, more attuned to who we truly are?