alien craft
Credit: pixabay - no attribution necessary

I recently came across a wonderfully informative site about alien adbuctions. These people are apparently the defacto experts on the phenomenon as evidenced by their Google ranking. Not only have they compiled a massive amount of information on what aliens are doing to the population of the Earth but they are also actively engaged insurveying people about their alien abduction experiences. The results are nothing short of fascinating.

First Things First

For instance, alien abductions seem to cut across every demographic line. While the survey was confined to the United States, it seems likely that aliens are abducting men, women and children of every type – wealthy and poor, homo- and hetero-sexual, light and dark complected, even down to blue-eyed blondes and those brown-eyed with black hair. The only group not mentioned are the “gingers.” Perhaps, this explains our reluctance – albeit subconsciously – to shun these red-headed freaks.

The Shocking Truth

Still, there is one fact that – for me at least – overrides all the others. The people at maintain that 2% of the American population is being abducted every year by aliens – whether a single alien species or multiple ones are doing the abducting, they do not make clear. The math, however, is undeniable. I will extrapolate the numbers to include the entire human population as I don't think that the aliens really give a hoot about our political boundaries.  

Some Numbers

The population of the Earth (c. 2015) is around 7.125 billion souls. Two percent of that number means that, according to the AlienAbuction folks, 142.5 million humans are being paralyzed and then placed into flying saucers whee they are summarily subjected to medical, psychological – and by all accounts – sexual experiements. Wow! It truly boggles the mind.

A Little More Math

That astonishingly large number of 142.5 million got me thinking so I did another caculation. Specifically, 60*60*24*365. That number is 31.5 million and, as I am sure you realize, is the number of seconds in a year. Moving on – 142.5 million divided by 31.5 million yields a result just over 4.5. Holy moly! Onaverage, 4.5 people – I hope not, literally – are being abducted by aliens every second of the day. Sunday through Saturday with no rest on the weekends or holidays. Walmart should hire these guys.

The Bottom Line

Alien abductions are real. The evidence is just too compelling. I mean, we have dozens of surveys conducted by Roper and Gallup confirming the phenomenon. I only have two questions.

1) How come the neighbors of the people being abducted haven't noticed a thing in over six decades since this whole thing started at Roswell in 1947?

2) With all their technological prowess – they traverse interstellar distances at will – why are they so backward when it comes to biology?