There is a great emphasis placed on aloe vera juice benefits. Granted, there are a great many valid reasons why one could benefit from drinking a reasonable amount of aloe vera juice. For those who have experienced some of the possibly traumatic side effects, however, it ceases to appear like a miracle remedy.

Please do not take this as a reason not to try aloe vera juice for yourself. Although potential side effects could be severe, the odds of suffering greatly because of aloe vera juice are low. The amount of people who have experienced devastating side effects pales in comparison to the vast majority who have experienced mild side effect that were well worth their gain in physical health. Furthermore, many people who have experienced heavy side effects were using the product in excessive amounts. Packaging labels clearly indicate that consuming too much aloe vera juice can lead to uncomfortable results.

One of the most common side effects to aloe vera juice is diarrhea. Many aloe vera juice benefits are those that have to do with digestion, colon health, and a higher metabolism. It only stands to reason that your stool would be affected, as all of these play a role in the gastrointestinal functions of the body.

There are cases where people who had drank aloe vera juice and had diarrhea to a degree that it interfered with their every day life. There are people who are unable to tolerate the conglomeration of ingredients and have poor physical reactions.

Vomiting is another common effect of aloe vera juice. Because there is so much taking place in your body when you drink it, it can have an overwhelming effect on the stomach, causing its contents to be regurgitated. Vomiting may also be caused by nausea, which is another potential physical reaction to the concentration of powerful vitamins and minerals that are all ingredients of aloe vera juice.

A sensation of burning below the skin has been reported among some users. Like other side effects, there are varying degrees of the sensation. Some have found it barely tolerable while others have found it to be extremely discomforting. This burning sensation is most predominantly caused by the niacin that is present in most aloe vera juices.

Niacin has some what of a cleansing effect. The stinging sensation is actually one of great benefit to your body. The harder the sting, the more cleansing that was necessary. However beneficial, it can be very painful to the person experiencing it. Unfortunately, however, once the process has begun, nothing will help. Cool water does not work, because the burning is not caused by the outer layer of skin. The burning is taking place in your tissue below the skin.

Certain allergies to various natural substances can lead to a variety of different symptoms. If you have allergies you may already know it. Due the the 'garden variety' nature of aloe vera juice, however, many people have never been afforded the opportunity to realize a rare allergy that may exist with one of the many ingredients.

While there are side effects to aloe vera juice, there are just as many – if not more – benefits. As indicated earlier, aloe vera juice must be drank in moderation, as too much can lead to severe symptoms of an overdose. To learn more about aloe vera juice benefits or side effects, there is a wealth of beneficial information online.