See What the Book of Hebrews in the Bible Says about the Differences between Jesus and Angels.

Angels have captured and captivated the imaginations of people for thousands of years. They have found their way into culture, media and religions of all sorts. Popular TV shows, such as Touched by an Angel, and Highway to Heaven have focused on angelic activity in the world. Many favorite Christmas movies include angels, and in the Biblical account of Jesus’ birth angels feature prominently. An angel often tops our Christmas trees.

Angel with Jacob

Nearly two thousand years ago many Jewish Christians regarded angels as a very important part of their religious worship, and some were even worshiping angels. For this reason the writer of the book of Hebrews addressed the topic of angels in the very first chapter. His concern was to clarify some facts about angels and, most importantly, to discuss how angels compare with and relate to Jesus. The author did so by demonstrating that Jesus is vastly superior to angels in five ways.

1)      Jesus is uniquely the Son of God.

The author cites two key verses – Psalm 2:7 and 2 Samuel 7:14. He stresses that only Jesus is called God’s Son. Angels are never given such a designation. As a Son, Jesus is considered of the same essence as God, and indeed is one with God. Furthermore He is the Heir of all Creation.

2)      Angels worship and serve Jesus, not the other way around

For this point the author goes to Deuteronomy 32:43. Whenever angels are depicted in Scripture and some person tries to bow down to worship them the angel is quick to prevent them, declaring that only God is to be worshiped. The point of this verse is two-fold. Not only do angels worship Jesus, and not vice versa, but Jesus is truly God who is worthy of worship.

3)      Jesus is God who reigns eternally.

Here angels are described as winds and flames of fire. They are powerful and impressive beings compared to ordinary humans. However, they are still just servants, created beings who are subservient to God. On the other hand, Jesus has a throne that lasts forever and He is “set above your companions” (Psalm 45:6,7).

4)      Jesus is the eternal creator of heaven and earth, and all that is in them, including angels

Next Jesus is described as being in existence in the beginning and of being the agent of the creation of all things. Angels, on the other hand, are created beings that Jesus Himself created. What’s more, Jesus is eternal, with no beginning or end. Angels have a definite beginning in time, and apart from God would cease to exist. The key verse cited by the author here is Psalm 102:25-27

5)      Jesus sits at God’s right hand on a throne of grace, whereas the angels are sent out as servants.

Again, it is asserted that Jesus sits at the right hand of God, indicating the place of honor and glory (Psalm 110:1). The fact that He is seated demonstrates that His work for which He came into the world in the first place is complete. He fulfilled the purpose of becoming a human, taking upon Himself the sins of all His people, paying the penalty of death those sins earned and thus earning salvation from sin for all who believe in Him. For the rest of time He sits on His throne in Heaven drawing all His people to Himself. The angels, on the other hand, are sent out as ministering spirits to serve all those who will inherit this salvation. In other words, the very people for whom Jesus died and is actively working to bring to salvation are served by the angels.

The book of Hebrews, along with the rest of the Bible, presents a very different picture of angels than what is commonly believed or considered by most people today. Although angels are important and seem to be involved in some way in life in the world, they do so only at the command of Jesus, and on His behalf.