Is beautifying your home important to you? Will feeling good everyday improve your productivity as a spouse, a parent and a worker? Does seeing your children happy and safe mean a lot to you? If you answered yes to each and every question above, then purchasing 9x12 area rugs for the well-being of your family is a valid investment rather than expense.

Running around bare foot on the cold floor is not comfortable for your children. And if you have the white or shiny cream-colored tiles for your flooring, you need to make your room warmer by installing a large area rug. A 9 x 12 rug can make a huge difference in the way your room looks like. The choice of colors, pattern and material will determine if it's indeed an investment.

Original oriental rugs or Persian rugs can be very pricey but with 100% natural wool rugs that are hand-made can be heirlooms that you can pass on for generations to come. Of course, you need to know how to care for your large 9x12 area rugs so that they will stand the wear and tear of years of service. And if you will buy large area rugs as heirloom pieces, you should choose the more versatile colors and pattern.

Elegant Area Rugs

What is the favorite color of your family? Normally, black rugs are the most popular because the color black will definitely enhance any room. Black rugs are also very versatile that can be matched with any color, be it gold, silver, red, white, beige, purple, blue, orange, green or yellow. Black rugs are also not as easy to get dirty-looking as white or beige.

After the black rugs, red rugs are the most popular. Red rugs introduce a burst of vibrancy in any room while it can complement many colors too. The color of red comes in many tones which can easily be matched in monochromatic colors of accents in the room: from flowers, curtains and throw pillows. Red is also a considered a color of good luck and great fortune in oriental cultures, especially in ancient palaces.

Blue rugs can also be a very good choice when buying an heirloom piece of 9x12 area rugs. The color of blue is of royalty and it is cool and serene. Blue rugs are good almost as good as purple area rugs and are for casual and informal rooms like the den, family or entertainment room where your family are gathered together to relax and be in laid back activities.

If you choose the right colors which can easily be used even after future house remodeling and interior decorating; with the right durable materials, you cannot go wrong in investing in a fine piece of functional art like 9x12 area rugs.