Leather beds have recently really come onto the design scene. This allows you to play around with much more intricate silhouettes that may otherwise seem too feminine. However, the material itself is going to really help to ground the room for the perfect design marriage. There are all different styles that can work with almost any design aesthetic. It's just a matter of choosing the right one for your price point.

When you go with contemporary leather beds, you probably want to go for more of a platform design style. This can have an attached headboard. It can also have a very cohesive look. This is also a way to get a very sleek black leather bed. It's really going to be one of your least expensive options just because it does use such a small amount of material. Plus, it's also going to be one of the more masculine designs that you can find.

If you want something a little bit more traditional but you still want to find cheap leather beds then a sleigh bed is the way to go. It's not going to be as expensive as a poster bed. It should also be somewhat gender neutral. You might want to go for more of a rustic feeling with a worn leather in a basic medium brown tone. This can have a little bit of orange, or even red in it. This distressed leather can really be the focal point of the space so you won't need a lot of fancy details that can end up costing you a lot of money.

Since this is going to be some of the more expensive the options that you can find it makes a lot of sense to get durable pieces that you can have for several years. A great way to do this is just to go with a monochromatic look. Every once in a while these will have wood carvings or frames around it. You might just want to keep this in the exact same tone as the leather for more design durability.

The other option for leather beds is going to be more of a poster design style. This is going to be quite ornate. Poster beds have a tendency to be very feminine. However, when you pair carved wood with a black leather headboard then this is really going to give it a masculine touch. This can feel very Tuscan or even Southwest depending on the finish of the wood that you choose to go with. In fact it can even be quite traditional. If there's ironwork included even though you are using a black leather these elements will relate to each other to combine tradition and contemporary pieces.

You can also find subtle details on leather beds. This is going to be tufting. This is very popular in all different kinds of designs. Right now it's definitely going to add a little bit of texture to a basic sleigh bed or a plain white headboard.

If you are going for modern leather beds then you can really go with an oversize look which is especially important if you're using a very neutral color such as white. The focus should be on the sheer size of the piece instead of a lot of intricate details.