When we say cheap, these are not Android-phones that have been marked down from their original price or offered for a substantially lower price on contract. We are talking about Android phones that are cheaply made and marketed on the low price alone. They are usually less than 100 US Dollars. Though there are some good ones, there are always going to be compromises that you have to reconcile yourself to.

Old Hardware

The reason budget smartphones can be sold at such ‘budget-friendly’ prices is because the hardware is compromised. Outdated processors, low-resolution screens and limited storage to hold data, are all common on cheap Android phones. They can come with the latest software but what good is that if the phone doesn’t perform well?

There have been complaints from users who were able to download apps or games but were unable to play it on their devices because the hardware did not meet the minimum requirements for the game to run. In some cases, a basic Android phone gets most things done like browsing the web or  running background services but when they try running a game, it will get chunky or freeze on certain parts, which users then find very frustrating.

Forget Updates

If you opt to buy a cheap Android, you have to be satisfied with the features and software that come with it because chances are you won’t be getting any updates. If there are bugs and other issues, you may have to live with those too.

Manufacturers will not give much support to these budge handsets unlike their higher-end Android phones. Just because it is ‘budget-friendly’, it doesn’t follow that it will have a large user base. Having many users is a factor in determining whether the device will get updates.

Market Penetration

There are so many Android out there today. The premium models were born out of the need to battle with Apple’s iPhone. Samsung, Motorola and HTC are further developing their mobile devices to earn a lead in the market.

Basic ones don’t try to beat the iPhone; instead they are designed to take a share in the smartphone market at multiple levels. Rather than designing one or two outstanding models, manufacturers come up with low-end smartphones that will cater to users who have less money to spend on their phones.

Resale Value

At first, you may think you are saving moneyby buying an inexpensive Android phone rather than paying a hundred dollars along with your two-year contract with a mobile network. You may think these networks are milking you of your hard earned cash when you can get a smartphone for a tenth of that price. From that perspective, it may seem as though you made a s mart decision in buying a cheap Android because it does the job anyway.

In the long run, many realize that they are unhappy with their purchase and would have been better off signing that contract and getting the free or highly subsidized top of the line phone. If you decide to resell your cheap Android, you might as well just give it away because it will be worth next to nothing.

Is Buying a Cheap Android Phone Worthwhile?

The verdict is in and the answer is NO. With the cheapest Android phone, you only get what you pay for. From their experiences with low-end Android phones some consumers will assume that all Android phones are unreliable and problematic; the truth is you only ever get what you pay for. It is better to save up and buy the high-end smartphone rather than impulsively buying a cheap Android, which will only leave you frustrated and unhappy.

Additionally even if you think you can live with the sub-par quality of a cheap Android phone, do not expect your purchase to last for years and remember that you will be left behind by the latest apps and updates.