Dolphin Shorts are a piece of outdoor and workout fashion that have made a strong comeback very recently.  These shorts were once extremely popular, and can even be considered notorious or infamous depending on your point of view and how much "old school" modesty you embrace.  When it came to the opinions of athletes, it was hard to beat these comfortable pieces of gym clothing, which were extremely short, allowing for a lot of leg movement since there was very little cover on the upper legs.  These were popular for outdoor athletes, track stars, and even as good wear for aerobics.  In fact, Richard Simmons was famous for continuing to wear glamorized versions of dolphin shorts even as they began to fall out of style elsewhere.

These shorts are very easy to recognize for two main reasons.  One is that they tend to be very short.  They fully qualify as "short shorts."  A lot of leg is showing - which works well for athletes who do a lot of running and don't want to be constrained.  The lack of material gives the same freedom of movement that modern tights offer to a wide range of high school and college athletes.

The second reason that Dolphin Shorts tend to be very easy to pick out is because of the simple design.  Most of these will be a single color, sometimes with a single stripe on each side, but not usually.  Generally speaking these shorts came in siple colors, although later models included brighter colors like yellow, red, and orange.  However you won't find Dolphin Shorts that have multiple designs, color mixes, or any similar combination in that respect.

One of the most interesting aspects of Dolphin Shorts is how they were once very popular, all but disappeared for a couple of decades, and have now come storming back with a vengence.  These were extremely popular in the mid to late 1970's and into the early part of the 1980's.  However they were often also complained about as being far too revealing and many school dress codes decided that they showed way too much and were not appropriate wear.  Since a good chunk of sales of Dolphin Shorts were to high schools and colleges as athletic wear, this trend caused them to all but disappear by the end of the decade.

However like all trends, things have changed considerably over the years.  After another 20 years and with the changing ideas of dress codes (or now general lack thereof), it's the right time for comfortable workout clothes like Dolphin Shorts to make a comeback, and that's exactly what has been happening.  Over the last four or five years production of these comfortable and simply stylish workout clothes has started again.  They give the same freedom of movement although come in a slightly wider selection of colors than they originally did.

When it comes to Dolphin Shorts there are going to be those who absolutely love them and those who aren't big fans - but there's no denying that for many people they are great head turners!