Cloud Nine hair straighteners are among the best straightening irons you can get your hands on; well obviously not right on the irons 'cause baby they are hot! But with so many straightening irons on the market, are they worth their price tag?

Here is a review of my experience with this hot gadget, including comparisons with the other big hitter in the market, the GHDs.

What Makes Cloud Nine So Different?

I was first introduced to Cloud Nine's by my hairdresser, who had until that point used GHD's religiously in her salon. She waxed lyrical about how great Cloud Nine irons were and of course I nodded (very slightly as she was still cutting my hair) wondering really how much different they could be. On her recommendation I had invested in a pair of GHD's only the year before so I was skeptical on how Cloud Nine could have come up with a better product.Cloud nine hair ironCredit:

She told me that it was the original guys behind GHD's that had come up with this product, which began to get my attention. Apparently they are better for your hair as they have that all important temperature control which GHD's do not - it's hot, hot, hot all the way and your hair had better be able to cope with it.

One of the beauteous things about Cloud Nine straightener's is that you have control over the temperature depending on the type of your hair, and it has a one touch action which makes this super easy to do.

Apparently the super cool-looking gloss black straightening plates also contain a magical and mysterious ingredient that gives your hair extra shine - really?

Are There Noticeable Benefits?

In all honesty, as my hairdresser finished off my hair with these straighteners I was really pleased with the results. But then again I always am, and for me there were no noticeable differences between the end result achieved with Cloud Nine's and what was usually achieved with GHDs which I also used at home.

It was well over a year ago when the salon switched to Cloud Nine's and I would still maintain that there is no difference in the finish of my hair than when I use my GHDs at home; the results are just as straight and glossy using either product.Straightened hair using Cloud Nine StraightenersCredit:

Apparently they glide through the hair so much more easily, so perhaps in the user experience they are a bit easier on your arms, although I've never considered that an issue with GHDs either and I have long, thick hair.

The advantage that outweighs all others is obviously in the temperature control. Whether this will be an advantage to you will depend on your hair type. If you have damaged, over processed or naturally thin hair then Cloud Nine may well be the way to go. GHD hair straighteners do in fact live up to their name in being good hair straighteners, but the temperature can get really high, which could be damaging to certain hair types.

So whether you choose to purchase a pair of Cloud Nine straighteners would very much depend on your hair type.

Should You Invest in a Cloud Nine Dream?

It pays to shop around when it comes to purchasing a new pair of straighteners, as with everything, but on average you are going to find that the Cloud Nine straightening irons are a good deal more expensive. Again, you may consider this worthwhile depending on your hair type.

Luckily for GHD their products are built to last and it's unlikely you are going to shelve a working pair to jump ship across to Cloud Nine. However, if you need a new pair, Cloud Nine hair straighteners are definitely worth considering.