Glass splashbacks have really become one of the most popular designs in modern kitchens lately. This is really an opportunity for you to get a somewhat neutral color palette that's just in a totally different material than what you are used to seeing. Sure, this is something that we see a lot of on furniture but it just recently has become very trendy to use for this purpose.

One thing that you'll really want to consider when you go with colored glass splashbacks is to make sure that you tie it in with the rest of your room. This is especially important if you're going with a very bold color such as a trendy turquoise. You want to make sure that this is really going to still tie back in with your room. A great way to do this is to find a glass mosaic tile. This can incorporate a lot of different foil colors in it as well so it will have black or even stainless steel that will really help you to relate it back to your appliances so that it's not just this very bright color popping in the room.

If you want a clear glass backsplash this is going to be on of your more neutral options which can also make it a lot more lasting. It works well in a room with a lot of stainless steel as well as white tile. However, it can also go unnoticed a little bit because it is the most subtle kind of design of this type. In this case, you may just want to install under cabinet lighting to really show it off. You can even get a high-tech look just by going with a pink or purple bulb for a very modern effect. This is going to really allow you to change out the appearance of your backsplash just by changing the bulb without really removing the glass itself.

Another consideration for glass splashbacks for kitchens is going to be the texture of the glass. You can go with larger sheets of glass. Another option is going to be to go with a glass mosaic tile which you may even be able to install yourself. It's just a matter of the price range and whether you want a really sleek look or you want to use the sleek material in a more traditional kind of way.

One of the trickiest decorating options is going to be black glass splashbacks just because it is so dramatic. In this case, you could really make it blend into your space by going with black cupboards as well. However, you could also really go for a modern effect in your room because this is such a modern idea after all. In this case, you could just go for white cabinets and this is a way that you can really spruce up a lot of the traditional cabinets that you may already have in your home. However, since the contrast of these items is so bright and dramatic you may just want to make sure that you install a black and white checked floor or just hang up some Harlequin print artwork to really tie these two elements together, especially if you have both a modern and a traditional kind of silhouette.

Glass Backsplashes
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This also allows you to use materials that otherwise wouldn't work in this kitchen. If you're going with a larger clear glass backsplash then paint the wall behind it a funky color. Use patterned stencils or even wallpaper and then the glass or plexi can protect it. This allows you to use this material in a more country or elegant design. It's not just for contemporary kitchens anymore.