“Are corn flakes gluten free?” is a question that bothers many people suffering from the celiac disease. Some of them assume, that corn flakes should be suitable for gluten intolerants because corn flakes do not consist of any of the major gluten sources. Unfortunately that's rarely true. 

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Gluten and corn flakes

Gluten is a protein that can be found in wheat, rye and barley[1016]. Even though none of the three grains listed can be found in the majority of corn flakes, it doesn't mean that they are gluten free. There are also some derivative products from the mentioned three, like malt (derivative of barley) which can be found in most cereals. Because of that those products aren't suitable for people suffering from celiac disease.


Finding gluten free corn flakes through GFCO[1017]

The GFCO site is the first place where you can find out whether selected product is gluten free. You can do this by visiting their certified products site[1018], selecting the product category as Cereal & Granola and pushing the button Go right on the right of the list. Just like on the picture below:

Are Corn Flakes Gluten Free?Credit: http://www.gfco.org/

Of course not all gluten free products are certified with GFCO sign therefore if the product doesn't exist on the list it doesn't mean it's not gluten free. It just means that we have to search using different methods.


Finding whether specified corn flakes are gluten free – other options

If we need to learn whether a certain product is gluten free (without seeing it physically) we can start by checking the manufacturers website. The information about which products are gluten free is often specified because producers are aware of the number of people suffering from celiac disease.


If the website doesn't specify whether the product is gluten free the next step is simply to ask Google. Most probably there are a lot of people wondering about the same question as you, so there is a pretty big chance that you'll find the answer. Just type a simple query like this: “is XXX gluten free” or “are XXX gluten free” replacing XXX with the name of a certain product. For example you query might look like this: “are Erewhon corn flakes gluten free”. Just after the search results emerge you'll know that Erewhon corn flakes are indeed gluten free.


If you still haven't found the answer you need there are at least two options left. First on them is: calling the producers hotline. There is a chance that someone have done it before so the hot line consultants should have the answer you need.


The second option is to simply take a look on the products label (often you can even find the screen of the label on the producers website or somewhere else on the Internet). Producers are aware of the celiac disease so if their products are suitable to people suffering from that malady they most probably place adequate info on the label.


Always read the labels

After finding your favorite gluten free corn flakes you should remember to always check the label to learn whether the product is still gluten free. Some recipes or company policy regarding gluten may change over time and you have to be prepared for that situation.



As we can see not every corn flake product is gluten free. Because of that if you are suffering from celiac disease and love that kind of cereals you have to spend some time to find a product suitable for your needs. I've listed above certain methods that should help you with finding products without gluten and I hope you'll find them useful.