Safari Cot BumpersAre cot bumpers really necessary for your little ones? Are they safe? How much do they cost? Most importantly, what do others who have tried them say about them? These are a few of the questions that will now be answered for you.

First, what is a cot bumper and what is its purpose? It is a fabric piece which is attached to the inside of a cot. It brings attractiveness to your ordinary cot. It also helps keep your baby's attention and gives them something to focus on. There have been concerns regarding safety. We are going to review two points:

1. There can possibly be a danger of strangulation and or suffocation if the baby's head is smothered by a crib bumper or cot bumper pad.

Breathable Cot Bumpers2. The baby can overheat with the restriction of air flow. If you decide to purchase a bumper, please make sure the ties which secure it are attached properly and out of reach for your child. Also, make sure the room temperature is comfortable and not hot. This bumper should always be removed once your baby is in a sitting position, as the infant may use it as a climbing device for getting out. This could be extremely dangerous as the baby could potentially fall. Breathable cot bumpers are a good option to help keep airflow moving.

The bumper from Ikea is a great product. This bumper is large enough to go completely around a standard size cot. If the cot is even bigger, then it would go around 2 complete sides and an end. The length is 328 cm and the height is about 21 cm. There are multiple ties to secure the bumper and comes in pink and blue. The cost is truly amazing as well, only $9.99. This fabric can be cleaned at 40 degrees and is pure cotton.

Peanuts Fitted Crib SheetAnother product out there that you will need to consider for your baby are cot fitted sheets. This is an extremely important decision as it can ensure great sleeping habits for your baby. With a huge selection of blankets, quilts, baby cot sheets and sleeping bags, there is range of different patterns, styles, and colors. When your child recognizes the cot as a safe haven and pleasant home, rather than just a bed, she is going to sleep more easily and with out much fussing. This makes bedtime hassle free both for the little one and Mom and Dad.

With such a large selection out there, you are sure to find the one that makes your baby feel most protected and comfortable which entails for good night dreams. Pure Baby makes a wonderful fitted cot sheet. This sheet is 100% organic. Every product is created with purely organic cotton to the highest standard. It is grown and reaped in a very friendly environmental way with no use of toxic chemicals. So, not only are you providing natural living for your little ones, you are also helping with keeping our Earth clean and healthy.

So, in the long run cot bumpers are a personal choice. So do your research and find the most comfortable, safe and attractive one. They can be completely safe, if you choose wisely. Our babies are the most important thing in the world for us. It is up to us to make sure when they go to bed, they are being put in a safe, and somewhat entertaining atmosphere. Also, don't forget about the fitted sheets, as these are necessary and aid in the attractive appearance of your baby's bed ensemble.