Everybody and their cat are nowadays concerned with detoxifying their body. They make use of all sorts of methods, the so-called alternative medicine, the holistic approach, cleansing the body through sometimes harsh methods.

One of the most popular herbal remedies that promise to bring back your health and your energy are the detox foot patches. As the name shows, they are some small pouches filled with special herbs and with minerals that should attract the toxins from your body like real magnets, when stuck on your feet while you take your usual night sleep. In the morning, if you remove the pads and watch them, you'll see that they get brownish and they spread an awful smell. The more you use them, the less they'd get dirty in the morning. This is a sign of toxins leaving your body. Or is it?

First of all, you should know that there are many types of detoxifying foot pads: some of them are based on various herbs, others are based on chitosan or on crystals and minerals. There are also the so-called ionic detox pads, which don't work by osmosis like all others, but they are using the ions power to heal your body.

Asian popular medicine is using such methods on a widespread scale: statistics show that more than 10 million foot patches are sold each year only in Asia, not to mention the rest of the world. I suppose that it must be something good about some of these alternative treatments, otherwise why would so many people spend their money on worthless methods and remedies?

The alternative medicine based on energetic meridians and channels is based on the principle that for each organ in the body there's a corresponding area on the feet surface, as well as on the ears surface and on the eye iris as well. This belief gave birth to three branches of alternative medicine, one of them being the feet massage technique. A good massage on the kidney area on your feet would lead to improving your kidney's functioning. Such claims have been experienced and proven to be true for many patients. It is true, however, that there are also people who didn't feel any improvement following such a treatment.

At least, the detox foot pads are harmless, so in case they don't work, you won't have to suffer from side effects. Other methods are not that inoffensive, so here all you have to lose is some money.