To answer the question 'Are Door Jammers a Good Home Security Option?' in short then, "Yes, providing you buy a high quality door jammer". In essence, a door jammer can be a great additional security option for your home. It is a pretty scary thought having your house or room broken into, and there is only really so much your standard shiny lock can withhold from a 140 lb man crashing against your against front door. However, you should be rest assured that if you were to install a decent door jammer, your front door wouldn't be coming down or opened any time soon -- being much more effective at keeping your door shut than your standard lock would.

How Does a Door Jammer Work?

There are several variations for a door jammer, but usually the bar is simply wedged up against the door handle to the floor (make sure the bar can adjust to your particular flooring) on a leverage that allows the base of the bar to be horizontal with the floor and then the base and bar are simply is locked into place. Hence, acting in a very similar manner to that of a chair being wedged up against a door handle, however is reinforced several times over to be acting specifically to prevent the door from opening. 

Buying a Quality Door JammerBuddybar Door JammerCredit: -- Buddybar

In truth, there is only really one door jammer that I would consider purchasing and that is the highly rated Buddybar Door Jammer

The Buddybar claims to be 'simply the strongest home security bar on the market' and I wouldn't doubt it either. Plus it works on various floor surfacing due to its 'foot' mechanism. If you conduct a bit of research (reading reviews etc.) into buying a door jammer you will find that many simply don't hold up to scratch. Whereas this is the only jammer bar that I have come across that has gained consistently good reviews -- in fact I personally have yet to come across a negative review (if you find other door jammers that are equally as good, then do please leave a comment below). Although, more expensive than most door jammers, it is surely worth it -- you can't really place a price on peace of mind.

Other Options for Home Security

For me personally, as great as a door jammer can be, I would only consider it to be one of many security options for my home. Be sure to check out other home security systems and devices to provide extra 'protection' to your home . Such as a door stop alarm, which can be bought rather cheaply, however are a great little device, that simply sounds a loud and high pitch alarm when pressure (i.e the door opens) is applied to it, which is more than enough to wake you and the neighbours whilst scaring off the burglar or intruder. You could also set up a complete wireless alarm system, that sounds an alarm when it detects motion in a room -- even the fact you claim to have the house protected from the outside flashing notice, is often more than enough of a deterrent for would be burglars. If you have any remarks surrounding the 'Are Door Jammers a Good Home Security Option?' or any other good home security devices then please do comment below.