The Dyson Air Multiplier fans certainly stand out as a pretty unique (and at present day a rather quirky) purchase, that can also offer a lot of decent advantages over the traditional bladed fans. However, with fairly high prices (e.g. the AM02 and AM03 both fetching for the $450 mark) are they actually worth the money? In this article we take a look at the value that the Dyson Air Multiplier fans offer relative to their price tags -- so that you can make a more informed decision about whether they are the right 'type' fans for you and your situation.

What is the Air Multiplier Technology?

The unique 'Air Multiplier' technology is obviously the biggest draws behind Dyson's new range of fans but what sets it apart from traditional fans? The AM fans have no blades (hence commonly referred to also as 'bladeless fans') whatsoever and instead use the 'Air Multiplication' technology to push and pull air in a smooth and continuous stream.

The first major benefit of this is that there is no 'air buffeting' like you get with a traditional bladed fans. This means that the air flow won't cause headaches or eye irritation when the fans are relatively close to your face.

The second major benefit is that from a design and practicality perspective the lines of the fans are very clean and neat. This means that all the units are all very quick and simple to clean (especially compared to the normal caged and bladed fans) and they also have a very distinct modern look and feel to them.

Finally and arguably the biggest advantage the Air Multiplier fans have over the traditional fan is the 'safety' element. Where a bladeless fan can't really cause any harm to children playing etc. in the same way a bladed fan possibly could.

 The only real disadvantage of the Air Multiplier technology besides its cost is that they don't push air as fast as some powerful bladed models. If you have a particularly large and hot room to cool then a bladed fan may be a better choice.

The Dyson Brand Itself

Dyson has built itself into a very trusted and leading brand name in the home appliance industry, especially when dealing with products that use air in some way or another. The success of the brand started with vacuum cleaners that promised and delivered high quality cleaning. However, what really moved Dyson into the heights of popularity was its innovative 'AirBlade' hand dryers, which became a hot topic for talk among co-workers and friends. 

Dyson continues this tradition of innovative technology and conversation-starter design with its new Air Multiplier series of fans, however results are not as positive overall as they have been in other product categories. Customer reviews across the entire AM series are quite divisive with some customers saying they are amazing and others saying they are overpriced and essentially 'not worth the money'. 


The Air Multiplier's are essentially the first of their kind in their technology category, this companied with the fact that they are from what is now a well-known brand -- it makes sense that they have a price tag to match. This fact alone makes the Air Multiplier series a product line aimed almost entirely at those who are 'early adopters' -- who want to pay for new technology and to be ahead of the curve (of course to those as well for who the advantages the AM series offers is of importance to them).

Are You An 'Early Adopter'?

The real question to ask yourself before buying a Dyson Air Multiplier fan is whether you are the type of person who is willing to accept the costs and risks associated with jumping on a new technology in its early days.

Besides the increased cost associated with early adoption you also have to be prepared for the potential that not all of the issues and problems with the designs have been worked out yet - it often takes manufacturers a few iterations to get things perfect. If you are after something that is cost effective and proven to work well then you may be much better off with a traditional bladed fan.

However, if you want to have something that stands out, offers high quality air flow, will be a great conversation starter and provided you are happy to pay extra for it then an Dyson Air Multiplier might be perfect for you. Overall, when it comes to Dyson fans the average shopper is best off waiting until a few more blade-less alternatives enter the market so that they can have more choice and get 'more bang for their buck'.