A white Christmas portrays a warm and fuzzy feeling, the sort that makes a perfect holiday. People get the image of families gathered around the fireplace devoid of electric fireplace inserts, lounging and chatting cozily while poking the logs.

What the picture does not cover is the prep time beforehand and the cleanup session afterward. In order to have a wonderful traditional fire fueled with wood or coal, a lot of factors must be attended to.

First, the firebox and the chimney should be cleaned. Then, seasoned logs or coals must be bought and stocked. The grate should be emptied of ashes from previous burnings and a protective screen should be placed at the opening to ward off sparks.

Starting the fire itself takes work like having to pour a little bit of lighting fluid or using paper to grow the flames, not to mention the constant supervision needed to keep it going.

All these steps, including the extra costs, could be avoided by choosing to use electric fireplace inserts. Electric fireplace inserts are essentially heaters placed inside the firebox.

To power them, they just need to be plugged into a normal house outlet. They have light bulbs and heaters than can be adjusted according to need. The light bulbs do not emit heat themselves but are effective in simulating the look of real flames.

The heaters are the source of heat. There are small fans installed that blow the heat into the room where it is needed instead of sending it out through the chimney.

With this, the heating would be more efficient and the need of a grate and chimney sweeping services would be eliminated because there would be no heat, ash, or smoke emitted. With a push of a button, warmth will be available for the whole family.