Energy BarsCredit: Nutricap LabsWarren Struhl may have changed the face of “energy” supplements forever. From energy drinks to energy shots, Struhl’s new invention, the “oral energy strip,” is poised to take the world by storm in the next 3 to 5 years. The right-here-right-now instant energy deliverer is cheaper than energy shots, more delicious and convenient to take than vitamin capsules, which is why many believe that Warren Struhl may be sitting on a billion dollar industry. Sheets™ Energy Strips, a novel delivery mechanism, might be the biggest craze for young and old energy seekers but it also opens up a plethora of potential delivery options for the nutraceutical industry.

Bringing his energy strip formulation to perfection, Struhl and his team have worked hard to achieve the thin, postage-size delivery format containing just the right swig of caffeine and nutritional elements while maintaining superb taste, a factor known to prevent the success of previous energy strip launches. At a fraction of the price of energy shots, Sheets™ Energy Strips provide 200 percent of the daily value of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12, 100 percent B5, 40 percent Vitamin E, 20 percent of biotin, and 100 mg caffeine per serving.

Oral Strips and their Benefits
Oral strips or dissolving films are made using hydrophilic polymers designed to dissolve on the tongue, under the tongue (sub-lingual) or in the buccal cavity (cheeks) administering active ingredients to the systemic circulation on contact with liquid (saliva). A typical oral strip will contain:

Active ingredients (1-25 percent)
Water soluble polymer (40-50 percent)
Plasticizers (0-20 percent)
Fillers, colors, flavors, etc. (0-40 percent)

Oral strips are the advanced delivery mechanism, creating an alternative to the traditional forms of delivery such as ingestible tablets, chewable tablets, orally dissolving tablets, softgels, liquids or inhalants. When compared with energy shots, energy strips have several advantages:1-2

  • Oral strips offer more portability and convenience. They don’t spill or melt and you can keep them in your wallet!
  • It offers greater bioavailability than energy shots which are typically absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Oral strips can deliver nutrients instantly into the system through the mouth avoiding intestinal absorption which often compromises bioavailability, delays the onset of action and is known to cause side effects in some people.
  • Shelf life is more stable and oral strips are more durable against all kinds of environmental factors.
  • When compared with energy shots, oral strips ensure higher accuracy of dosage.
  • Oral strips don’t contain calories, carbohydrates or sugars.
  • Bioavailability of oral strips is almost 100 percent which means that they can offer more nutritional value.

Energy StripsCredit: Nutricap LabsMarketability of Oral Energy Strips
Energy drinks are the driving force of the beverage market, according to Packaged Facts.3 Along with ready-to-drink (RTD) teas and sports drinks, the performance of energy drinks has helped boost the functional and natural beverage market which was valued at $23 billion in 2010. Energy drinks/shots sales have been riding high since 2005 with Mintel reporting a growth of 136 percent from 2005 to 2009. Mintel’s August 2011 report marks a 15.4 percent growth from 2010-2011.4-5 According to Packaged Facts, energy drinks remain the focus of discussion because they fulfill a very distinct and desired commodity across consumer segments—the need for more energy.

While the majority of sales come from young consumers, just about everyone is chugging away at energy drinks from tired truckers to multi-tasking housewives. Phenomenal growth in sales is expected for energy strips as noted by Steve Smith, Chairman of Energy1 Distribution, “The response we are getting for Sheets™ Energy Strips is unlike anything we have ever seen from a consumer product.”6Dissolvable energy strips were introduced into the market in June 2011 and Warren Struhl is already looking at a whole range of products using oral strip technology as their delivery mechanism.

Advantages of Oral Strips
Work with a qualified nutritional supplement manufacturer to create an energy strip that can potentially offer the following benefits to your customers: 7-8

  • Strips are idea for those who have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules, typically the pediatric and geriatric markets.
  • Those with compromised digestive systems can benefit from strips as absorption of nutrients takes place in the mouth, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract and leading to less side effects.
  • Strips introduce a novel, refreshing delivery option to the daily vitamin routine. Vitamins and nutritional supplements are traditionally found in tablets, capsules, powders and liquids. In contrast, strips offer greater portability and convenience. With instant absorption, consumers can expect nearly 100 percent bioavailability of all nutrients.
  • Tablet, capsule or powder manufacturing requires the use of excipients known to cause side effects or allergic reactions in some people. Oral strip technology offers a safer delivery system.
  • Manufacturing costs of producing oral strips are competitive with the manufacturing costs of tablets.9
  • Oral strips offer a more convenient, individual dose packaging.

The energy supplement market has matured from simple caffeine and sugar “kicks” to more sophisticated formulations that not only provide energy but valuable nutrition as well. Stimulants can be combined with vitamins, minerals and herbs to achieve condition-specific health benefits. Novel innovations in technology and formulations with enhanced nutraceutical advantages continue to drive the energy market.

Introduce Novel Energy Delivery Options to Your Customers
Supplement business owners who’d like to introduce oral strips to their delivery options should contact a GMP-certified nutraceutical manufacturer. Find out how you can use this novel delivery format with science-backed formulations to achieve your customers’ energy needs and targeted health goals.


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