If you search for cheap or free Disney World tickets online, you'll find that many of the offers require you to attend a timeshare presentation while you are in Orlando. So what you need to decide is whether those free tickets are worth a break in your vacation. Based on my own experience, my feeling is that the savings won't really compensate for the hassle.

When you stop to think about it, these tickets aren't really free. In order to get them you have to sit through a timeshare presentation. Now the advertising material usually says you are only required to stay for 90 minutes. The truth of the matter is that you will end up stuck there for two hours and sometimes three hours.

The 90 minutes only starts when the sales person starts his or her pitch. So the breakfast and tour of the facility usually don't even count. Instead of being over at the Magic Kingdom having a lot of fun going on rides, you will spend your time suffering through a high pressure sales presentation.

Besides being a big time waster, you also need to look at the value of the tickets that you get for free. Most of the free Disney World tickets that timeshare resorts give away are not upgradeable. This means that you cannot use that ticket as a base to add on additional days or the park hopper feature.Tickets bought from regular authorized discount brokers are upgradeable.

When it comes to admission media, the most expensive days at Walt Disney World are the first three days. Each of those days will cost you between $70 and 75 dollars each for an adult. But adding on a fourth day will only cost you an additional $7, which lowers your daily cost to just under $55.

This is the advantage of upgradeable tickets. So if your Disney vacation is more than a day at the parks, then you are still going to be paying for the most expensive tickets because that timeshare freebie can't be upgraded.

Let me show you an example. Let's say you plan on going to the theme parks for four days. We'll just price one ticket for an adult. Right now you would pay $219 for a 4-day ticket for an adult.

Now let's say that instead of buying that ticket you decide to go to a timeshare presentation and get one day free, so now you just need to buy a 3-day ticket to Disney World. That ticket will cost you $212.00 plus the 2-3 hours you spent trying to avoid being pressured into buying a timeshare. So you only saved $7.00. I think you'll agree your time is worth more than that.

I hope this helps you see the value of just buying your discount Disney tickets from authorized ticket brokers such as AAA. If you buy them in advance, you can save some money and free up all of your vacation time for having fun.