I shop at gamestop all the time. How can you not? They get exclusive download content for their customer by making deals with publishers. They have a larger selection of titles than you would find in the electronics section of a big box retail store like Walmart or Target. They sell used games as well as new titles.

Aside from the annoying discount card sales pitch, I have only one issue. They sell games advertised as new that aren't technically new. If you bring them a case for a game you want they go through their cabinets of paper envelopes containing disks and find a copy of your game. So how do you know they didn't give you a used copy. Also how do you know that copy has never been played. You might ask whats the difference. Well sure a well taken care of game will out last me. However one deep enough scratch scratch or distortion could cause the game to freeze, the music to skip, or not even boot up. If I am paying the new game price shouldn't I get a prestine shiny disc sealed in plastic, with a crisp unwrinkled game manual? At 60 bucks a pop for most new titles I should freaking hope so.

I understand the reasoning. It's a measure taken to reduce theft. If the disc is behind the counter you can't steal it.(well at least not easily) It also makes restocking easier. Sometimes for super popular titles a couple empy game boxes are out and then they just put the empty box back later and give you a new game meaning they don't have to keep more than a few game boxes for each title on the sales floor.

I still think its false advertising. I can't tell you how many times I have asked for a sealed copy and they didn't have one. "How do I know it's new?", I will frequently ask the sales associatie. This puzzles them and they just tell me something like, "Because it is". I mean how do I not know that they aren't saling some used games as new on accident or to make more money?

Just venting folks, But you have to admit I have a good point.