BSA Prevents Homosexuals from Serving

Gays and lesbians are not allowed to join Boys Scouts of America and denied the opportunity to work with the organization. Homosexuality in the organization has been strictly prohibited since 1991. This was met with very strong reactions leading to some tricky situations and controversy for the organizations. Some even filed lawsuits that went up to the United States Supreme Court. People filed a case of discrimination based on sexual orientation and called for justice and equal opportunity to serve in the BSA.


The lawsuit claimed that "employment standards and leadership" of BSA discriminated against a group of people solely based on their sexual choice. However, BSA claims that these policies are essential for the fulfillment of their mission statement. The mission of Boy Scouts of America is to promote and uphold the values mentioned under Scout Oath and Law. They claimed that homosexuality was against this purpose of BSA.

The legal rights to maintain these policies and practices have been upheld by United States and State courts during different occasions. BSA being a private organization, it is allowed to set its own standards and criteria for membership and recruitment. Considering this the opponents of this policy has requested government to revoke all its resources provided to the BSA. For instance, for years Scout groups have been meeting in the cafeteria or other areas of school after school hours. This is use of government resources.

BSA Protected by Constitution

The First Amendment of United States Constitution uphold the BSA's right to formulate terms and conditions that ban homosexuals from joining the organization. BSA being a private establishment, the First Amendment effectively restricts the courts or any government body from disallowing the organization from practicing their religious values among other things.

Moral Requirements of the Scouts

The policy made by Boy Scouts of America requires its members to believe in God. It also specifically prohibits girls from inclusion in rosters. This aspect of the policy has also prompted opponents to resort to litigation. These membership policies are supported by court of law for the same reasons as ban on homosexuals is upheld.

Now What?

BSA has had a long tradition and history based on their values and belief system. They have produced some of the greatest leaders, countrymen and citizens of America. Their strict adherence to social and moral values as well as character building and ability to take responsibility is sought as the reasons for the success of the organization. The Scouts agree that their strong belief system is different than most other organizations, however it is this very belief system that makes them what they are today.