In our society we are programed to believe certain things such as what to look like, wear, what we should buy, and that we should work hard to achieve good grades. One of the things that are a big reality in the life’s of people around me is good grades. With that comes the stressing over every point. Many times what I see is that people get sucked into it and grades become their life. Parents and fellow students could be partly to blame. What happens when students just focus on their scores all the time? Well, they forget the other things about them that made them unique from the crowd. This “uniqueness” is a big part of what matters later in life. Yes, colleges filter through grades, but after grades there has to be something else, a spark.

                                                   Good Grades

                                 When did this mindset come into play? It used to have been, a few hundred years ago, that only mainly only top students would be able to go on to receive high education. Now, that is not so much the case. I think a great part of it comes from the parents. All people have dreams and things they want to accomplish. Parents and teachers alike make it quite clear that in order to reach these goals we need to do well in school. That’s not the problem, actual it’s quite good for us young people to have support in our goals. Many of these goals do require school, sadly. I think the issue that occurs and overall weighs people down is when they just fallow along in the system. Like so many do. They focus on how school is an obstacle rather than a stepping stone to help them to college and beyond. Students just look at how high school leads to college and then once in college all the skills just cemented over the last four years are rendered useless. Sure, you might not use that Calculus you learned in 11Th grade. However, you built skills and brain functionality to make smart choices in the future.  High school is like life’s practice grounds where actions begin to have larger consequences and grades, for the first time, reflect the work and determination you apply. Although, after applying the effort and getting the “A”, who cares? You, your parents, your teacher, colleges, your grandma? That’s great, but from my perspective all that matters is what your capable of achieving and then achieving much, much more. Millions of people get A’s and millions of people are out of jobs. Nice statistics. You can’t live off the A’s you get in high school. From my family setting I’ve never really worried about my grades. A good reason for that could be that my father never went to college and he ended up just fine. I’m not starving. While, all these people claiming I went to so and so college. Ok, so how far in debt did that make you? I’m not saying don’t go to college, just try to look further ahead after your education and how you want to be set up when you head out into the world. Sure, sometimes it’s hard to look beyond the next weekend, but if you’re going to bother working so hard to get into college know why. By doing that you’re further uplifting your future.