If you actually take the time to think logically and critically about horoscopes, one can conclude that they should be dismissed as nonsense.  Perhaps it is an attractive idea that we can all be characterized by a “sign” in the sky that is coordinated with our day of birth, but it simply just isn’t true.

Our personalities are not related to the day we were born.  Horoscopes attempt to restrict us to a personality that in a completely arbitrary fashion.  There is no reason for the Leo to be described as stubborn, or the Pisces described as shy.  They are completely made up and there is no logic behind these categorizations.  When you follow your horoscope, you are conceding that you have no control over your personality, but instead that your personality comes from the time you were born.  Kind of a scary thought, isn’t it?

There are literally thousands of horoscopes, each saying something different.  What separates the iPhone horoscope app from the one I can access on the internet?  Let us assume that I am a Leo, and I check my daily horoscope on two different sources, and they say something completely different.  Who is right, and why?  You must have realized that the person who is writing your daily horoscope could be anyone.  What gives them the power to arbitrarily write out how you are thinking and feeling for the day?  All they do is make generalizations that can apply to nearly anyone reading them.   If you are a Pisces, read the horoscope for the Capricorn.  Most of the time, both of them will relate to you in some way.

Don’t read your horoscope, read something useful and applicable instead.  It’s great that you may want to look into your personality and future, so dismiss horoscopes and look into something that actually makes sense.  Instead of reading about the Sagittarius, read a fact about human psychology instead.  Instead of taking a “what sign are you” quiz, take the Myers-Briggs personality test.  When you are attempting to learn more about yourself, the most important aspect is asking the question “why?”  Researchers who study this subject can provide these answers, while horoscopes simply cannot, and when they do, they have no foundation on which to be based.