My first story going up on, which l have chosen to write about Keepsake Boxes. My topic l have chosen is about these boxes l discovered on a couple of website including Amazon Baby and Ebay. There seems to be a lot of sellers advertising Memory Boxes for babies online. While l think they are a good idea l can't help but feel the point is missed? For starters the boxes themselves look massed produced, colour added and that's just about it. Some sellers have gone that extra mile to add stuff like Foot/Hand memory foam, but even at that, l feel these boxes should have more thought put in, don't you think?

The wooden boxes are life time pieces generally packed to near full by the time "Little Johnny" is 18 or 21 years of ago. The journey from ages 0-10 say are packed with nothing short of mile stones and adventures. This wooden box should look the part, Not Winnie the Poo, Disney or even jewelry boxes ect all over it, but perhaps made to look old. After all it isn't a baby/kids room furniture feature but one item destined for the attic or shed to keep the memories.

What l would do with this box?

Over the next 8 - 10 years of adding memorable items to our child's memory box, items such as - 

-That days newspaper.

- Baby information labels put on by the hospital.

-Baby shoes an outfit or even a baby blanket perhaps.

- Expired passport/s.

-About 8 - 10 passport type photos (One for each year).

-Your baby albums, or SD memory cards with photos on.

- DVD recordings of all the birthdays.

The point of all this becomes clear when your children reaches the prim age of 21. Imagine the family is gathered in the living room and you brings out the dusty old memory box. Hopefully your child's boyfriend or girlfriend is present as you begin going through the memory box. This is truly a priceless moment for the family. On second thoughts, another other point of a memory box is that it can be passed on from generation to generation.

I love the idea of a personalized memory box for kids. It would make a great christening gift but only if it reflex's it's true significance and in keeping with the spirit it is intended for.