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Liver spots are associated with aging and many elderly folk look for answers on how to erase liver spots.  Liver spots and several other illnesses may be seen as ailments of the aging skin.  Other such anomalies include leathery skin, age spots and wrinkles.  However, it has been proven that these skin conditions may not necessarily be symptoms of old age but rather, they are the consequences of long exposure to the sun and the elements.  The real changes that can amount to old age are decreased sweating, increased dryness and the eventual change in the rate of growth of hair.  Change of the facial contours is also associated with aging.

Liver spots can also be referred to as brown spots, lipofuscin pigmentation, lentigo and age spots.  Many people with these conditions always look for ways on how to erase liver spots.  Age or liver spots are pigmented markets that are flat and occur on the areas of the skin that are uncovered.  The sun spots, a name that liver spots are also commonly referred with, are seen mostly on the back of the exposed part of the hands, the chest area as well as the face. 

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How Liver Spots Appear

When someone goes out to the sun on repeated occasions, they are exposed to the sun’s rays which are called ultraviolet rays.  These rays drive the cells that produce pigmentation into a disrupted hyperactive phase.  The cells that produce pigmentation in the human body are called melanin.  Once the melanin cells are disrupted by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, they create the conditions of hyperpigmentation and spots.  These spots then occur on the human skin in different exposed areas and are seen as age spots and liver spots. 

It is due to extended periods of exposure to the sun that these ailments occur.  It takes long for the spots to appear and thus the elderly citizens are the only group of people who present with these conditions.  It is not unusual to encounter a younger person exhibiting these symptoms.  They however, would need to have been exposed to the sun for long periods of time.  It can then clearly be seen that the liver spots are not necessary an ailment of the elderly but a result of repeated periods of exposure to the sun.

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How to Erase Liver Spots

There are several ways that one can attempt to erase the liver spots.  These however, need to be taken over some time and no quick remedy is guaranteed.  While it is appreciated that the skin eventually becomes less spotty and the skin regains a more even tone, the user of these treatments must be patient and use them diligently.  Since the effects of the sun’s rays are felt over a period of time, treatment also takes a while to remove the blemishes and spots.

The first thing that a person should know is to prevent the occurrence of forming of the spots, he or she should use generous amounts of sunscreen lotions and applicants.  There is a wide range of sunscreens available in the market today and these should be used religiously especially for the person repeatedly going to the sun.  One should get a sunscreen that is best for their skin type as some skins are overly sensitive to some applications that are in the market today.  The sunscreen should be applied on the exposed skin about fifteen to twenty minutes prior to expected exposure of the skin to the sun. 

This gives the sunscreen time to get absorbed in to the skin.  It is advisable to reapply the sunscreen after a period of every two or so hours.  It is also advisable that in order to protect the face and chest areas from direct sun rendering for a person staying in the sun for long periods, they should wear hats that have a broad rim.

Secondly, on looking at ways on how to erase liver spots, try and use a serum that has a base of Vitamin C.  This serum lightens the age or liver spots.  Well known for their feature of having ant -oxidation ability on the skin, this treatment has a two prong effect on the skin.  They work at reducing or fading the skin spots that are already there and also prevent any new ones from being formed.  When applied under a sunscreen, the Vitamin-C serums boost the ultra violet fighting ability of the skin.  One should use a Vitamin-C serum that has a stable and firm Vitamin C component and also which is effectively packaged in order to prevent oxidation process.

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More on How to Erase Liver Spots

Thirdly, to even out the eventual skin tone and reduce the effect of the liver spots, one should apply a cream or lotion with the niacin base.  These creams and lotions belong to the Vitamin B group of products and niacin is currently the newest party to enter in to this world of cosmetics and skin rejuvenation.  Niacin is a much preferred gentle choice as opposed to acids, retinoid and laser treatments. It works as an agent of lightening the skin by slowing down the production of melanin thus making melanin production stable.  These abilities have been proven.

A forth answer to the question on how to erase liver spots to talk to a qualified dermatologist regarding coming up with a customized routine that is based on a certain prescription ability of an acid based alpha hydroxyl lotion combined with a retinoid.  While these two treatments are quite effective when used individually, their combination is more effective and is recommended by dermatologists all over the world.

Finally, one should consider getting a couple of IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatment procedure with the objective of erasing the sun spots.  These are mostly administered in a dermatologist’s clinic or office as well as medical-spas.  This treatment is also referred to as photo-facial and can take care of pigmentation problems in a more intense way.  This is done by the use of pulse light of a broad spectrum and the light applies its ability to absorb melanin.

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In Summary

Once someone gets the liver or sun spots, they should not be discouraged.  True, they alter the appearance of the skin of exposed areas but as there are several treatments available for these skin pigmentations, the answer to how to erase liver spots is easily given in affordable ways and easily to reach forms as well as easy to apply ways.