While the idea that you can just send a mail or chat with somebody over IM and get answers about your future may sound strange to some, there are many websites out there offering online psychic chat services. An online psychic offers advice on all subjects based on their understanding of divination tools such as the Tarot, exactly as if you were consulting over the phone or in person. But the answer to “are online psychics real” is not always an outright yes, as the Internet makes it easy for scammers to pose as online psychics.

Are Psychic Readings Real? Not Always!

Psychic readings over the Internet provide an amazing business opportunity for people who have natural talent, and for those who are happy to fake it or hire others to do it for them. There are hundreds of companies out there that hire people to man Internet psychic chat services round the clock. Those people are given training in order to answer client’s question with enough vague advice to keep them hooked on the service long enough to charge them. Other people offer free tarot predictions and canned responses via email using auto-responders, hoping to entice the person asking into purchasing services such as prayers, rituals or spells. This sort of people have no interest in helping the person using their services, and they don’t really care.

How Can You Tell If An Online Psychic Is Real?

The only way of knowing if the person you are talking with you actually has the talent to give you advice about the future is by giving their services a try. Many Internet psychics  offer a free trial of sort, from a short online psychic chat free of charge to free services, such as a free celtic cross tarot reading about a problem that is troubling you. This is not only to prove they know what they are doing, but because some people naturally connect better with a particular style. The psychic business is about helping the client achieve a greater understanding of a situation or even himself, and this is heavily based on how well the psychic and the client communicate.

Finding the Best Online Psychics

Not surprisingly, the best online psychics often have some way of offering readings in person, and so searching online for a psychic on your area can work well. You can just make a search on your favourite search engine for “psychic readings in Michigan” or “psychic readings San Francisco”, for example, and check out if they offer readings using electronic means. After all, if you are asking yourself “are online psychics real?” that usually means you’ll be more inclined to trust somebody who actually has a face and a phone number, instead of just an esoteric nickname on the internet. Another alternative is to go with established online clairvoyance services, which have lots of happy customers willing to leave testimonials to prove they are indeed real.

Avoid Scammers

There are many scammers that target people looking for free online readings about their future, and as such it's important to be aware of the most popular ones, and keep your personal safety at the top of your mind. For example, don't give out a lot of personal information that could identify you, or you may be telling a total stranger when you will be on holidays and where do you live, particularly if you call a psychic phoneline, as there are reverse phone lookup services that could identify the caller. It is also a good idea to avoid giving out your credit card details and use third party payment processors such as paypal, as the last thing you want is to end up with your card subscribed to a monthly payment because you paid for a half an hour consultation once.

Are online psychics real?  It is very difficult to replace a real face to face conversation with a psychic with online communication, but it is indeed possible. If somebody has a talent for the occult, they will have it in person, over the phone or via email, but often even the best online psychics will be less accurate over email that they’d be in person. Before spending a lot of money on online psychics, consider finding a local psychic in your area, as a consultation in person is probably more effective than online, particularly if you are already a bit sceptical about the subject.