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For years, glutathione is one of the most popular antioxidant products available in the market. As of today, you can see different dietary and personal care products that contain this chemical. But, are these products really effective? Although, this type of supplement doesn’t present extreme and dangerous side-effects when taken regularly, consumers should also get all their money’s worth. With that being said, in this article you will find out if oral glutathione supplements are really effective and worthy of its price.

A brief description

If you’ve heard about how antioxidants work, glutathione is one of the most potent and important antioxidant. This is because unlike other oxide-inhibitors, this substance resides inside every human cell. Therefore, it protects the cell from the inside instead of it acting as a scavenger from the outside. Its primary role is to detoxify harmful substances. In addition to that, this substance is also imperative in several metabolic processes of the body such as iron metabolism. Without it, iron deficiency may take place. As you know, iron is essential for the proper circulation of oxygenated blood. Hence, this substance is not only vital for the detoxification process but it is also valuable for your body to work efficiently.

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Why opt for glutathione supplements?

Keep in mind that all humans are capable of creating this antioxidant. This simply means that you will produce this substance by all means. So, why does synthetically prepared glutathione products becoming a worldwide trend?

Pollution is the main reason people opt for glutathione supplements. Remember, even if your body produces this compound, its supply is still limited. To explain further, your body’s  ability to produce this substance takes time and energy. If a lot of toxins are lingering in your body, your supply of detoxifying agents will eventually deplete. What if your body is already weak? Cancer patients for example rely on different dietary supplements because their body is too weak to produce sufficient amounts of essential nutrients. Malnutrition is another reason people use supplements. With today’s fast paced living, getting all necessary nutrients from your daily meals will not suffice. Without these nutrients, the chances of creating sufficient amounts of glutathione are low. Another peculiar reason for taking these supplements is for its side-effect. To be specific, this antioxidant is known to give skin whitening effects in high dosages. For that reason, some people rely on different supplements to get this specific effect.

About oral glutathione supplements

The problem with taking oral glutathione supplements is that most of them are ineffective. Why so? This is because this substance is not completely absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Meaning, only minute amounts will enter your bloodstreams. To explain further, this antioxidant is a protein molecule. Once it is orally taken, digestion will automatically take place. So instead of entering your body, it goes directly into the excretion. Remember, for any drug to produce efficacy, absorption must first occur. Without absorption, drug efficacy is not achieved even if you take it in double doses.


Having said that most oral glutathione supplements are less effective, the best way for you to accumulate high amounts of this antioxidant is  to inject it directly into your bloodstreams. But, of course, this method requires professional help and it’s very expensive. The next option you can do is to take glutathione-precursors. Basically, these are drugs that produce glutathione when metabolized. There are a lot of products available in the market that acts as precursors namely synthetically prepared drugs containing cysteine. Most of these products are affordable and safe for daily human consumption. Compared to oral glutathione supplements, these products will not only save you some money but its efficacy is  also guaranteed. 

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