With so many different ways to make money online, it is likely that you are looking into the benefit of each one. Paid surveys sound like an easy way to earn money – you get to give your opinions and will be paid. Are they really that simple? There are many terms and conditions on various websites and they can take more time than really worth.

Make a Small Amount of Money

It is very important to note that you will only make a small amount for the time that it takes you to fill in the surveys. A typical survey that takes 30 minutes will pay about £2. It is not that much and you definitely won’t make a living on it. On top of that, you will only receive the odd survey now and then so you will need to sign up for plenty of survey sites to make your minimum expenditure every day.

Some of the websites will not pay money; they offer rewards and points instead. While they can be turned into cash, some sites will limit you to buying gift cards or vouchers for certain stores. Even then, you will not receive many points for your time.

Shut Out Half Way Through

One problem that I have found with paid surveys is that half way through a survey you are shut out and blocked. This could be because you don’t qualify for the survey or there have been enough responses. You end up wasting some of your time because you are not rewarded for the short space of time that you fill out the questions. This is a particular problem with longer surveys.

Too Many Scam Websites

It is important to look out for legitimate survey websites when you decide to use them to make money online. Never pay upfront for these websites. All legitimate websites are free to sign up and earn money from then. When there is a fee, it is likely that there will be scammers behind the pages just after your money.

Picking and Choosing Surveys to Make Money Online

You will be sent surveys to your email when the website algorithm believes that you are eligible. You will be informed of the general topic, the time it will take and the amount you will be compensated for it. However, you will not have to complete the surveys and will not lose your privileges if you decide not to do one. It is possible to do as many or as few as you like to make money online.

It is possible to earn money online with paid surveys but they will not always be worth the hassle. You will need to look at the compensation and the time that it takes to fill out the information. If you do decide to take this option to make money online, sign up to a number of survey websites but avoid spending hours on them. There are other and better ways to make money with the internet.