parenting teens

Parenting is perhaps one of the facets of life that is so complex. Rearing kids to make sure they are going to grow up morally upright is difficult especially in this modern age where the home and school are not the only places where children are influenced. There are also other people to be considered when rearing children; hence parents could not be totally blamed for the bad conduct of the children. No matter how parents want their kids to be morally upright if the kids are influenced by outside factors it is very difficult for parents to protect the kids.

It is a great help for parents to maintain the good values at home and start teaching the kids as early as possible. This will help to instill the good values to the kids early in life. While children are still growing and developing mentally, socially and spiritually, they should be taught the importance of good values in life.

Good values should be taught early in life as this will determine what type of person the child would be when he grows up. Studies show that children who grow up in families that are morally upright are better children than their peers. It is also better to teach young kids good values as early as possible so that as they grow and develop the good values will become a part of their life.

Although not all good parents have good children and not all bad parents have bad children, there is always an advantage of children who grow up properly reared at home than children whose parents do not give importance to how kids should grow properly. There are children who are good regardless of how their parents rear them and there are also children who grow up messing up their life no matter how proper they were reared by their parents. So the situation is sometimes a case to case basis.

Sometimes, the unexpected happens to a child that make people wonder how things happened. There are children who change when they mature. And the changes would sometimes be good or bad. It is not always the same. Young people are individuals who have different ways of developing and growing and while most children grow and develop according to how they are reared which are also affected by their environment, there are situations where this does not apply. We often hear news about criminals who come from the finest family and it is really shocking news. This is because things happen all the time and parents have no control over outside forces that could affect the circumstances.

Are parents to blame for the misdemeanors of the children? People judge parents immediately when they hear bad news about the children but this should not be. People must realize too that there are other factors other than the kind of upbringing children have in the family that may affect the children's attitudes.

Who would want their children to go astray? The problems sometimes come from both ways when the parents and the children do not communicate properly. Misunderstandings often occur especially when the children are already grown up and they have a world of their own. In this situation, the parents cannot dictate what the children should do. Peer pressure could be a big part in the sudden change of children's manners and if parents cannot control it, a bigger problem will arise. Unless the child volunteers to stay away from his peers who mess up their lives, parents sometimes cannot do anything.

To avoid having problems when the children are already in their teens which is a critical age, parents must properly instill the good values in the children. This way, it would be harder for them to be influenced by negative traits.