I have to admit, I'm a bit obsessive...

PPB Diaper BagCredit: fangpinbags.com

When I found out I was having a baby, one of the first things I did was go out and buy myself the cutest Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag I could find!  I purchased an orange bag which featured a little bit of a floral looking print.  I chose this particular bag because I thought it would be a good choice whether I had a girl or a boy. At the time I bought my new Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag, I hadn’t gone in for the ultra-sound to find out the sex of my first baby.  
Because I have a lot of family and terrific friends, I was very lucky to have quite a few baby showers.  After having the first four baby showers, I ended up with FIVE diaper bags!  I had no clue that giving diaper bags was such a popular gift.  Did I return any of them?  No way!  Being a new mom, I figured diaper bags are just like purses, you just can’t have too many!  
After receiving all of these bags I decided to check out the brands I had actually been given and compare them to the one I had bought.  The bags I have are an OIOI, a Vera Bradley, a Just One Year, the Baby Sac, and of course the one I had purchased, my Petunia Pickle Bottom (PPB).   
My Petunia Pickle Bottom bag is the boxy backpack style and is part of what they call the Original Collection.   I have to say, although I love my PPB, there is one feature that I just don’t care for.  This expensive bag has a Velcro opening.  I would not have thought twice about this until the time I was sitting in a very quiet place.  I was sitting in Church on Sunday morning and needed to get a few things for my new baby out of the bag.  All of a sudden all you can hear is riiipppp.  Talk about trying to be subtle.  It was not happening!  I’m sure all of the older and wiser moms just shook their heads thinking that I would learn.  
Another feature I’m not crazy about with this expensive bag is that it is dry clean only.  A baby bottle has already been spilled in mine, and it’s really a major pain to think about taking a diaper bag in to get dry cleaned.  Now I realize that there may be other styles of PPB bags that are not dry clean only.  I only wish I would have had this pointed out to me or that I would have paid attention to feature when I bought it.
However, these are my only complaints about this particular diaper bag.  I still think its super cute and I know that it is very well made.  I also love how you can use this as either a shoulder bag or a backpack.  I also love the feature of having a zip out changing station for the baby when I am out and about.  This little item has definitely come in handy more than once.  This diaper bag has many different pockets and compartments which I have found to be very handy for keeping all of my baby items organized.  It also came with an extra little matching pouch to store messy clothes or dirty diapers, which has also been used quite a bit.
So there are things I love about this Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag but there are also features that I don’t like.  I personally think this bag is over priced, but isn’t every designer brand item?  If you like carrying a diaper bag around for the name and want one that is super cute, I would have to say that this is the bag for you!  
New Baby GirlCredit: jmwilding

On a personal note:  I did have a beautiful baby girl!