These days we are constantly bombarded with all sorts of television in varying quality. From the late-night talk shows to infomercials, soap operas and reality television, we almost see the whole spectrum of human beauty and behavior on display. Reality TV may be the worst culprit, as each year they try to raise the bar, pushing the limits to new levels to see what they can get away with. Sometimes these real-life "caught on camera" drama and game shows translate into successful careers beyond the show for some of the "stars". Of course you may use the term "stars" loosely when referring to reality TV, but some just in fact become stars. Let's examine a few.

Probably the biggest star maker of all the reality TV shows is American Idol. While this show is really set up to produce a future music great, sometimes the winners don't achieve that status. In past seasons though, AI has produced some great talent including Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson. While not all are winners of the show, they have gone on to great success in the field of music, making them celebrities. But this show is designed to create the next "American Idol" and may not be the best example.

How about MTV? They show more reality shows than almost any other network out there does. In particular, they have aired the popular Real World shows for about 20 some seasons now. Since the inception, MTV's Real World has produced a few minor celebrities, whether it be the reality show stars going into music, acting or even hosting on MTV. One current example is Mike Mizanin who was on the Real World New York show about 10 years ago. Mike has now translated his fame into a career as one of WWE's pro wrestlers named "The Miz". He's seen weekly on WWE's TV show on USA, and most likely gets a decent salary. Beyond Miz, a few of the previous cast members have gone on to acting jobs including both Lucinda and Tek, who've had minor roles in B movies. So in effect, these particular reality show celebs were able to become stars.

Speaking of MTV, how about its reality show "The Hills"? That show in particular, as well as "Laguna Beach" has produced several of what we might call questionable reality TV stars. The biggest examples are everyone's favorite "love to hate" couple, Heidi and Spencer Pratt. Along with The Hills' star Lauren Conrad, these three individuals have really done nothing worthy of fame beyond being on a show that taped their lives day in and out. Heidi may now take her career further with Playboy, while Spencer is playing the part of a K-Fed to Britney Spears. Meanwhile, Lauren Conrad is now photographed by paparazzi and seen on the red carpets. She designs clothes and is somewhat adored by females everywhere. But "in reality" how is she any different than other aspiring fashion designer girls? Basically, the fact they got on camera and had their lives taped constantly has helped launch them into the spotlight, regardless of talent, fame or notoriety.

The main point here may be that we as a society tend to create stars out of ordinary people just based on supporting reality TV. As we tune in weekly to watch the latest Survivor or Big Brother, gossip starts, and stars are born. But are these people really that much more talented or star-worthy? In reality, many of us lead similarly interesting lives, only ours don't get taped by anxious video cameras 24/7. Maybe we all need to be thankful for that fact though.