Are Red Roses a Good Valentine's Day Flower?

Valentine's day is soon approaching and girlfriends love to receive flowers. Red roses are especially important and meaningful on Valentine's day. Although women like it when you give them a bouquet of red roses just about always, it is a good idea to know the meaning behind the flowers you are sending your girlfriend. Red roses hold a tradition because they are the color of love. Red roses actually stand for "love" and send the sentiment "I love you" so red roses should be given to a girlfriend, wife, or lover, but not someone who may misread the signals.

What Color Rose Should I Buy? Do Different Color Roses Have Different Meanings?

If you are buying roses for a friend then opt for another color, especially if it is Valentine's day. The red rose is the best color flower for a girlfriend as long as your are at the point of telling her that you love her (and meaning it). If Valentine's day happens to fall early in your relationship then you can give her another color rose, but may want to stay away from solid red rose bouquets. It may seem silly, but women read into things like the meaning of rose colors.

Valentine's day and anniversaries are great times to give red roses to your girlfriend. Red roses come in long stem and short stem, freshly cut singles, and along with assorted other flowers. Vases are optional, but if you know that she does not have something nice to put her special roses in then consider buying roses with a vase. Otherwise you can bring them wrapped.

Attach a hand written card to the red roses. For some extra spice and romance, add another color rose with the red rose. Salmon/Peach/Orange roses stand for passion and desire, so you can add those roses to the mix, too. Of course, adding a yellow rose and telling her that yellow roses stand for friendship, and she is your friend as well as your lover, girlfriend, or wife. There are also pink roses that stand for indecision. Pink roses then to be given second to red roses although if you are giving roses to your girlfriend go for red roses or add the other two roses, along with a note.

How to Make Freshly Cut Red Roses Last Longer?

Red roses lingering in the house for several days are a great reminder that you bought her flowers. Valentine's day may last one day, but if you can make the bouquet of roses last then she will think about you with happier thoughts for the duration of the roses (and hopefully well beyond!).

Her red roses will last longer if you know a few tips to keep them alive. To make her red roses live longer you should attach a hand written note with flower tips to the bouquet. Roses will survive longer if you add some sugar or if you add an aspirin (cut up) or lemon-lime soda pop to their water vase because it helps them absorb more water. According to Martha Stewart, fresh cut roses also live longer if you add a small drop of bleach into the rose's water because it prevents bacteria from growing. Cutting the stems at an angle when you get roses is the first thing you should do so your fresh cut roses are ready to absorb water and brighten up a room.

Should I Give My Boyfriend Red Roses?

Roses are for men, too. In fact, Martha Stewart also mentions that George Washington was the first rose breeder and the first U.S. president. If your boyfriend likes flowers, roses, or gardening, then there is no reason that he should not be a red rose recipient as well. There are many men who like fresh cut flowers. Red roses are a great sentiment to give to your special guy. Flowers are given to others as a way of expression. Knowing that the red rose means love there is no reason that boyfriends and husbands would not want to get a bouquet of love. Some men may prefer the petals on the bed or in a bath, but that is up to you two to decide.

Final Thoughts on Giving Roses

It does not have to be a special occasion to give roses to anyone, girlfriend or boyfriend. The flowers and gestures in between, when you are not expected to act are often the best received gifts. Roses are also great for making up after a fight and on an anniversary. Knowing the different color rose meanings can help you choose the right roses for the occasion.