Do Not Be Scammed

If you have looked in the web for a possible love connection, then it is very likely that you have seen the ads for foreign brides or Russian women who are looking to meet men like you. While it may sound like a bit of a scam for some the truth is that there are some sites that are very legit and will let you meet the woman of your dreams in a foreign land. The problem is that there are also several people looking to scam you out of your money; so what do you need to know about these sites?

Not For Losers

A lot of people will assume that if you meet a woman through a brides dating site or any foreign website for that matter that you cannot meet women otherwise. That assumption is really far from the truth. Some men simply like the women from Europe, Asia and Latin America so instead of trying to meet them here why not just go to the source? If you were ever to take a tour with a legit company you would meet the guys that are traveling in the tour with you and those include doctors, lawyers, teachers and all types of professionals.

You have your preferences when you want to meet women, and if you are ready to have a serious relationship then why not go with what you like? Keep in mind that most of the women that you would meet through a Russian Brides website will probably be looking for a long term commitment. They are willing to travel across the world with you, so they are not looking for something casual.

Detecting The Scams

The problem with a lot of the sites that promise to let you meet a beautiful foreign woman is that they can be more expensive than the average site. That is how scammers make their money. They will have you pay different fees for emails, gifts, or monthly memberships that end up adding up. That is why you need to be extremely careful and do your research on any site before you sign up. Just because they have testimonials in their site it does not mean that those testimonials are real. Take your time finding out through online scam reporting sites to make sure that the website has not been reported.

Another red flag would be a site that is too new and already has hundreds or thousands of profiles. While a lot of women sign up for these services, the rate at which they sign up should not be a thousand a week. Also make sure that the age ranges are varied and that not every girl in their site looks like a model. Everyone wants to meet a beautiful woman, but not every woman looks like they just stepped off the runway. The two best sites to know about scammers are and

Do Not Send Her Money

Even in the legit websites you will encounter girls or other people looking to scam you. You could start an email conversation with a girl and think you have a great connection with her. If she then tells you a sob story and asks you for money then remember that it is very likely that she is a scammer. Never send any money to anyone that you meet through a foreign brides’ website. It is very likely that you are not even talking to a girl, so you could end up being taken advantage of.

What To Look For In Legit Sites

A legit website will be easy to recognize. First they should give you access to talk to the girls, preferably through a webcam. If you can see that the girl in the pictures is the same one as the one in the videos it means that they are very likely making an effort to show you that they are not a scammer. They should also allow you to read any email in your inbox without having to pay for it. If you need to spend money to read your messages then all they need to do is keep writing you and you will keep letting go of the money.

Another thing that the real Russian Bride websites offer is tours. They will allow you to attend events organized by them and some of the girls who are in the website should attend. If you do decide to go on a tour, do the research on the hotels and cities that you are visiting. If you have talked to a girl that you would like to meet in person in those cities then send her an email telling her that you are on your way for that event. Do not email someone in the same country about meeting in a certain city. Make sure that they are from that actual city you are visiting otherwise they could scam you by asking for money to get there.

What Happens If You Meet A Foreign Bride?

If you have met the woman of your dreams and you have been talking to her for a while now, then you will have to decide where you want to go from there. You could decide to take a long vacation to her country and get to meet her for a longer time. Remember that just because you met someone at an event it does not mean that you have to marry them. That is why the term “mail order bride” is no longer used. The idea that you can just have a person sent to marry you is insane. You should always go to her, and not the other way around because scammers will ask you for money to come see you.

If you do get engaged you will probably need a fiancée visa which will allow her to stay in the country for 90 days. The marriage would have to take place within that period of time or it is voided. Try to avoid getting her a tourist visa because those are not as easy to get and if you do marry her it can lead to an investigation. Always remember to protect yourself with a prenuptial agreement as well.

If you want to meet a foreign woman then there are ways to do so, but keep in mind that there are a lot of people looking to make some money out of those looking for love. Make sure to exercise care when using foreign bride services and you will remain safe and will not be scammed.

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