Each year over 300,000 women and children go missing. A good number of those are taken or assaulted by repeat sex offenders or taken by someone that they know and trust.Arrested, convicted and now free

Do you know who your neighbors really are? I mean, really? You should! Make safety and awareness a priority in your household and also in your community as well. Whether you are have lived in the same place all of your life, have done a recent move in or are getting ready to move into a new area it is wise to check your neighborhood for sex offenders or sexual predators that may live in or around your area unbeknownst to you.

Here is an easy guide to find out if your have a predator living near you!


Ask around your Neighborhood and Community to find out if you have any sex offenders living near you. Often you will find that people move around quite a bit so on many occasions the only way to find out is by being an active member of your community. People talk and this often can just be a rumor mill of gossip but if you are to hear about a potential offender living near you then you can run their names through some of the sites and agencies that are listed below to confirm the neighborhood suspicion.

Visit Your Local Law Enforcement Agency to find out information on registered sex offenders in your area. Typically your local police or sheriff's department will have a book of registered sexual predators that live or have been charged locally. If they don't have a book for you to browse through they should be able to direct you to the local sex offender registry website that keeps track of these child predators.

Visit Family Watch Dog and bring up their main site. From there you will want to find the area on the front page that says "Find Offenders" and then options such as search by name or location. This should bring up offenses such as rape, indecent exposure, offenses against children (i.e. pedophiles and child molesters), sexual battery and other sex offenders

Put in the name of your street or main cross-street, your state and zip code and then hit search.

This will bring up a map of your location and off to the left hand side of the page you will see a contents box with colored boxes -red, blue, yellow, green etc and an explanation of what the colored boxes mean.

If you see any colored boxes on the map of your location that means you have predators or offenders registered in the area. Match up the box colors to find out what type of sex offenders you may have living near you.

Check out the National Sex Offender Registry which will provide a list of registered sex offenders. You will also be able to search for an offender by name or narrow down your search by location. This site will also sometimes give you some case information regarding the crime that was committed and whether or not they are compliant, meaning they have registered , or are currently non-compliant meaning they have failed to register as a sex offender. You will also see if they have a current address on record or if they are listed as homeless or transient.


You may be surprised when you take the time to do the research as to just how close you live to registered sex offenders. Do your homework today, get aware and help make your home and community a safer place to live.