We have an energy emergency in the United States, but it's not just us that has this problem, it's a worldwide phenomenon and we need to address it now. There are many ways we can attempt to manage the crisis, most of them will involve State or Government intervention, but there are things we can do as individuals that will help. One of those things involves making use of solar lights where practical, and one such area that makes perfect sense in many areas of the US is solar powered driveway lights - this type of lighting is perfect for replacement with solar powered alternatives.

Solar Powered Driveway LightsSolar lights for your driveway make perfect sense for a number of reasons; the lights themselves are ecologically sound, meaning that they do not emit any greenhouse gases. They are strong robust units, generally made from stainless steel, so they won't rust and they will easily withstand the traffic that will use the driveway. There are no cables to lay to get power to these lights, meaning that you will potentially save 100's on installation costs. The solar powered lights will perform equally as good as their electrically powered cousin which means your driveway will be as safe as it possibly can be.

An added benefit of solar driveway lights is that of security. These lights will give off a powerful light for up to 8 hours each night, and because your home is well lit, it will help keep intruders off of your property and can reduce the possibility of being burgled or of someone trespassing on your land.

When the sun rises each morning, the in built solar cell within each individual light starts the process of recharging the batteries by converting the solar energy it consumes into stored battery power. When night falls, this stored energy is released to automatically light up the surrounding areas. In most cases, LED bulbs are used in the fixings to make the lamp more durable and weather resistant.

Solar Power Driveway LightsSolar powered driveway lights can be found in a wide variety of different designs and are available in most good electrical retail stores - because of their increasing popularity, the price has fallen recently and they are now much more affordable. The installation process is very straightforward, no wiring is needed, and if you decide you don't like where the have been sited, you can just pick them up and move them somewhere else. The one thing you must bear in mind when you site the lights is to give them maximum exposure to the sun - don't place them beneath a tree where they will be in shade all day long.