As Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda Motor Company had put it in one of the company's sport bike manual, "Primarily, the essentials of the motorcycle consist in the speed and the thrill". However, the desire for these elements can get an inexperienced rider in accidents that could even end his life and result to great injury or at the very least, property damages.

So, are sport bike riders really more prone to be involved in serious mishaps that they would necessitate the services of a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer?

Sport bikes are generally preferred by most riders for its optimized speed and not for its fuel efficiency as they usually consume more fuel compared to other types of motorcycle. Its advance design gives it maneuverability that allows the rider to have more control of its speed, acceleration, and brakes. Aside from these, its light-weight frame that encases the high performance engine also gives an extra advantage to sport bike riders.

Aside from its function, the design and positioning of hand and foot controls are also preferred by most motorcycle enthusiasts. Its foot pegs are higher which keeps the rider's legs closer to the motorcycle body and the handle bars are lower and so the rider is required to lean forward.

Analyzing the Danger

The positioning of the rider's weight combined with the location of the engine and other components also plays an important role in the sport bike's performance when the rider chooses to make a sharp turn, accelerate, or apply brakes.

Needless to say, riders of sport bikes must be experienced enough and are aware of the dynamics needed for them to fully utilize the potential of these specialized motorcycles. Inadequate knowledge regarding the vehicle's complexity and the driver's inexperience can be lethal.

However, it does not make sport bikes more dangerous than other types of transport. In fact, the features and design of these bikes can be used to the advantage of the rider to keep him safe so the rider must realize the importance of being informed and learning more about the type of vehicle that they choose to use.

Accidents are certainly preventable, but, if sport bike riders do get into trouble and be involved in accidents, then, they must seek the assistance of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who can assist them in recovering compensation from their insurance provider or from the party liable for the accident.