Paris is renowned all over the world as the city of romance, but many men make the mistake of going on an internet rencontres with a new woman to a sports bar. Do not be one of them. Instead, take your date to a romantic spot like the Luxembourg Gardens, the Eiffel Tower, or the Sacre Coeur. Out of all the romantic and historical places in Paris, choosing to have a first date in a sports bar is one faux pas that is almost inexcusable. But why is having a first date in a sports bar a bad idea?

When going on your first rencontre sur Internet, it will be the first time that you have actually met your date in person. You'll want to make a good first impression on your first date in Paris and to do so, you'll want to spend as much attention on your date as possible. If you decide to take her to the local sports bar, there are simply too many distractions. Bars and sports bars in particular are extremely noisy places that are not conducive to conversation. Instead, you should take your date to a quieter and more subdued location where you can spend a peaceful evening talking and getting to know one another.

Sports Bar First Date

Not only are sports bars noisy, but if you take your date to a local sports bar near your home, you run the risk of encountering friends who may wish to talk to you, taking your time away from your date. On top of that, the friends that you may encounter at the sports bar may bring up awkward conversations that may not be appropriate to be shared in front of your date. For example, a friend may ask what happened to another person you were dating previously.

Another aspect that you need to be wary of when taking your date to a sports bar is the fact that these places are full of people who have been drinking and who may not exercise the best judgment. You may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation in which one of the intoxicated, male patrons tries to flirt with your date, resulting in a confrontation. Not only may you encounter intoxicated individuals, but you or your date also run the risk of drinking too much and behaving poorly. You can reduce the risks by avoiding the temptation to drink too much entirely by shifting the locale of your first date away from a bar.

In addition, sports bars are mostly frequented by men, increasing the chances that she will encounter another man that she is more attracted to than you. Instead, of taking your date to a location full of men, take her to a quieter and more romantic location. In Paris, they are not hard to find since the architecture of the city and all of its history makes it easy.

One of the most obvious drawbacks about having a first date at a sports bar is that they show sports on the televisions. If the two of you have a favorite team that you are pulling for, you may spend the whole night cheering for the team and wrapped up in the emotion of the game rather than getting to know one another. Instead of the date being about you and your partner, it becomes more about the sporting event. If your team loses, it can also negatively affect your mood, making you irritable and uninterested in the other person. Also, if you find that you and your date are rooting for opposite teams, you may find yourself at odds, potentially damaging any prospects of a future relationship.

Finally, choosing a place like a sports bar for your first date is a bit too casual. A sports bar is a good place for a date once you have been in a relationship for a little while, but a poor selection for a first date. On a first date, a good impression is key. You'll want to be on your best behavior and present yourself in the best light. When you choose to take your date to a casual location like a sports bar, you may tend to let your guard down, allowing your date to see your flaws more readily. Although honesty is a key part in any relationship, a slow revelation of your true habits and behavior may be best to avoid scaring away a potential mate.

Although Paris is the world capital of romance and almost every corner of the city is perfect for a first date, there are some exceptions like sports bars. Sports bars are good locations for later dates, but not first dates.