Have you ever given your dog your leftovers from your dinner? Have you been tempted to save the scraps for your dog because you can't stand wasting any food? Well, I know I have, (I even let them – 2 dogs- lick the plates clean for me so I won't need to rinse them, don't worry, I have a good dishwasher).

We love our dogs and want them to be healthy and strong. But they love to have treats and anxiously wait for what we have for him when we are done with our meal. Hopefully, none of you have been feeding your dog right from the table.

This will give your dog some very bad habits that are very hard to break. My Chihuahua will sill right in my lap if I am eating at my desk hoping to catch any morsel or crumb that I may have missed.) He usually gets lucky.

Your dog does not need all the foods that you have at your table. There is already a problem with obesity among the human race because we eat too much of the wrong kinds of food. We don't need to do this to our dog too.

If we get into the habit of feeding a table scraps dog diet food, then he will be less likely to eat his own food that is specially formulated for his nutritional needs. We are actually hurting our dog by giving them a table scraps diet dog food.

If you want to give your dog a treat after your dinner, pull out the doggie biscuits, he will be just as happy to get that as anything else.

You may know which foods are harmful to your dog, but someone else at the table may not. There are foods that can be dangerous for your dog to eat. Is it really worth taking the risk? I personally do not think so.

Some of the foods that are dangerous for your dog are grapes, these have been known to actually cause death. Chicken bones, and popcorn are more unsafe foods for your dog. Chocolate also, can be dangerous for your pet, depending on the dose eaten, but who knows what a safe dose is?

You will be able to tell by your dogs own poop in the yard if he is eating healthy diet dog food or not. If he is eating foods that he is not accustomed to, like table scraps, this can be very hard on your pets digestive system and will affect how he is able digest his food. The best thing regarding a table scrap dog diet is to just don't do it. He will actually thank you when he sees you in heaven.

There are many snacks and treats that you can be a part of a healthy diet dog food snack. Your dog will be just as happy with a nutritious snack as anything else. At least you know that he is getting the proper nutrition and not filling up on empty calories.

Keep you dog healthy by giving him healthy diet dog food. They will eat whatever you give him and trust you that what you are feeding him is what is best for him and completely safe. Help them get what they need. You are all he has.

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