You know that age old saying "You get what you pay for", well that may be the case for many things that are low in price, but not where cheap internet phone services are concerned. These phone connections are through the broadband wiring in your home and office and can be much cheaper than most traditional phone accounts,

When utilizing the broadband connections for your telephone service you can typically keep the phone number you already had and pay less in taxes every month on your services. Some companies that offer such telephone programs are Verizon, Comcast and Phone Power.

Phone Power by far has the lowest monthly fees hands down. Their prices are a shocking fifteen dollars per month and they even provide you with an additional second phone line for no cost at all.

Verizon is the priciest coming in at around fifty-five dollars per month for cheap internet phone service. Comcast scores in the middle with forty-five dollars per month for services, but they do not have the coverage areas that are as wide as Verizon so you may not be able to locate that company in your specific area.

While Verizon may have a higher price, they remain having a large new customer base for their telephone services just by people trusting their brand for years. Since this company is the largest one, it will have a wider service demographic and that equals more technical support to aide you should you have a problem with your service at any time.

Aside from the mega companies that can provide you with cheap internet phone services such as the previously mentioned companies, there are other alternatives on the market today. Magic Jack is great new invention that has sold extremely well in the United States. It plugs into your USB port on any computer with the regular phone jack fixed on it as well.

This Magic Jack system allows you to call anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Canada for free. You have to endure an annual fee which is twenty dollars but that's it you are essentially making all the calls you like through your computer. This system is very inexpensive for phone calling plan and has been reviewed on the web with outstanding customer results.

Another program that is still growing is the Vonage one. Vonage works similar to the Magic Jack system, but it doesn't limit you to calling in the United States and surrounding areas only. With Vonage you make calls through your internet and there is a monthly fee of twenty five dollars. You can however, make clear phone calls to sixty different countries.

Any of the above mentioned companies and products to make calls with will suffice, as they are all clear and have great connections compared to a regular phone line. You can cancel your services at any time if they are not what you were seeking, but in most cases these are great advances in the telephone industry that are saving you money in the end!