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A lot of people are looking for ways that they can help the environment without having to completely cut certain things out of their lives.  If you are looking for a way of helping the planet while still keeping your broadband you need to consider what green broadband providers are out there.  Of course, before you can look at the providers you have to understand what green broadband is and how it helps the environment.  There is no point in saying that you use a green broadband provider if you do not actually know what they are doing.

What is Green Broadband?

There are a lot of people who assume that it is impossible to find a broadband provider that offers green broadband.  This is not true as green broadband is classified as carbon neutral broadband.  This means that the energy that the provider uses to power your broadband is eco-friendly.  There are also some companies that have renewable energy plans and other methods of cutting down their carbon footprint. 

How Do Providers Become Green?

When you are looking at the different options you have to consider how they are becoming carbon neutral.  There are 4 primary methods that are employed by these providers that you should know about:

  • The office’s power and broadband generation is provided by renewable energy sources.  There are many different renewable energy sources that these providers use with the most common being solar and wind energy.  If the providers can state that all of the energy that they use is from a renewable source then they are considered green.
  • The materials that they use are all eco-friendly.  When you sign up for broadband you are going to receive a number of different devices including your router.  If a broadband provider is green then all the materials that are being used in these devices will be eco-friendly.  This could mean that they are recycled materials or that they are biodegradable compounds. 
  • The provider works with charities and organisations that are working toward lowering the world’s carbon footprint and preserving the environment.  Most major providers will have certain charities that they support.  The providers that are looking to offer green broadband will support charities that are involved in green living and environmental protection.
  • The company offers eco-friendly solutions to their staff.  This is something that you may not be able to find out, but a true green provider will have certain schemes in place that make their staff transportation more eco-friendly.  This could be anything from a bike to work scheme to carpooling and public transport incentives. 

How Can You Tell if a Provider is Green?

Many people worry that they will not be able to tell which providers have eco-friendly broadband.  The truth is that they will advertise this fact as it can be a good selling point.  

Green ISP

Eco-friendly company in UK is Green ISP.  This broadband provider is still relatively small and was the first green broadband provider in the UK.  There are a number of ways they ensure that they are doing their part for the environment.

All of the offices that this provider uses run on renewable solar energy.  They will also plant a tree for every single broadband customer that they get.  These trees are planted in association with Treesponsibilty which is an organisation with the goals of meeting the needs of today without impacting the world of tomorrow.

The fact that this ISP offers green broadband does not actually impact what you are offered.  You are able to get ADSL and fibre optic broadband from this provider for home and business use.  The maximum speeds that you can get are up to 38mb per second which is the same as many of the leaders in the industry. 

Sky Broadband

Something that a lot of people do not realise is that Sky broadband is a green broadband provider.  This broadband giant has offered green broadband since 2007.  All of the energy that Sky uses is renewable regardless of where in the UK the offices are situated.  Sky is of course a talk, TV and broadband deals provider.

Of course, Sky does lack the personal touches that Green ISP has to offer.  However, you do get the name of Sky behind your broadband and the vast knowledge and experience that they have in this industry.  You can get ADSL and fibre optic broadband with Sky along with a number of different bundle deals all without impacting the environment.


If you have never heard of ECOminutes then you are not alone.  This green broadband provider is a newcomer to the market and is owned by TalkTalk.  However, the provider is working in partnership with Opal to offer eco-friendly broadband. 

The primary way that this provider is working to help the environment is through the router that you are going to get.  This is an energy efficient router that offers lower wattage while not impairing the speeds and use of the router.  When you look at the packages that you can get with this provider you will see that you can get up to 24mb per second in speeds.  There are also very high data allowances which are ideal for most people.

Which Provider Should You Choose?

When you are looking at green provider you may wonder which provider you should choose.  The first step in choosing a green provider is finding out if they operate in your area.  There are some providers that do not work in all areas of the UK.  If you are looking for the biggest provider then you should look at Sky broadband.  However, if you are looking for a provider that offers the most in the way of eco-friendly broadband then you should consider using Green ISP.  Of course, you should not discredit ECOminutes either as they do offer everything you could need in a green provider.  

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