Church Grant Assistance Programs To Help Pay Rent and Bills

Yes there are church grant assistance programs to help you pay your rent and bills. Most churches in your community will help you pay all or part of your rent if they have the money.  Many churches have now expanded their charity scope to include things like rental assistance.  In some cases, churches will help you pay your rent if you agree to help out with their services or volunteer your time in some capacity.  So if you are having trouble paying your rent and other bills, then yes, going to a church might not be such a bad idea. 

You can also dial 211 or go to and they will put you in touch with the nearest church or non profit organization that can help you pay your rent or get food on the table or put shelter over your head.  Thank God we live in such a society where people can get help when they need it.  The unfortunate part is that we still need more people and organizations donating time, money, cars, clothing and other items to these charities so they can continue to help others.  We simply do not have enough charities and enough people donating in order to help everyone who  is in temporary need of charity.  Hopefully, as more people get help, they will turn around and help someone else.

Churches That Will Help You Pay Your Rent and Bills

The best way to get churches to help you pay your rent and bills is to really stick with your own church or churches within your community.  Some churches may help by paying the rent directly to the landlord. If you live in a large apartment complex, the building owner may have a list of churches in your area that you can go to in order to request rental assistance.  However, here are some churches that will help you pay your rent and bills:


Evergreen Presbyterian Church

1103 N. Pontiac Avenue
Dothan, AL - 36303

Through their outreach ministry program, they reach out to the community around them and help those who are in need.


First Baptist Church, Dothan

300 West Main Street
Dothan, AL - 36302
(334) 792-3211

First Baptist Church Dothan, also through their ministry outreach program helps those in need within their community.  In order to qualify for aid from First Baptist, you do have to meet certain income requirements.


Auburn United Methodist Church, Auburn, Alabama

220 East Magnolia Avenue
Auburn, AL - 36830
(334) 444-7933

The Auburn United Methodist Church in Auburn Alabama offers all kinds of assistances including rent and mortgage assistances to those who quality. You can reach them Monday through Thursday between 1pm and 4pm. 


This is only an example of three churches that will help you pay your rent.  Again, you should try to go to churches within your own community to make the process speedier.  For a list of rental assistance programs state by state, including churches and other not for profit organization and government agencies,  you can go to RentAssistance.US. For assistance paying your bills you can go to to see if your state is listed.

If the churches can't help you for some reason, they have enough connections with other human services and non profit organizations to put you in touch with people and or organizations who can help you make ends meet.  If you are behind in your rent, you should speak with your landlord and let him  know that you are doing your best to bring your rent current and would appreciate her patience.  Also speak with your creditors and inform them of the same until you get your bills current.

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