When people ask this question: “Are there Real Psychics?” many are considering calling a psychic but are hesitant because of bad past experiences or are simply just curious to know if psychics really exist.

Well, the answer is absolutely yes. Psychics do exist and they are real. In fact many REAL tarot card readers and intuitives would tell you that you'd only have to look as far as the mirror to really discover that there are real psychics, because we all possess some inner knowing. It's in the saying “Trust Your Gut.” It's the reason many people often ask themselves AFTER something happened: “How did I know that?” or “That's exactly what I was thinking.” Many great intituives who believe we all are psychic in some form or other believe people look too much outside of themselves to confirm things they in fact already know. Essentially psychics or tarot card readers should only be used to get better insight or perspective in what you already know.

 Famous Real Psychics (Who Are Accurate Too)

Psychic Twins Predictions for 2012Credit: Linda and Terry Jamison

 One of the most famous real psychics are in fact the psychic twins: Terry and Linda Jamison. These were the only psychics to predict the 9-11 attacks at the World Trade Center months before it actually happened. They also predicted major earthquakes and disastrously strange weather patterns in both the US and abroad.

 I personally have experienced some of the most accurate psychic readings on Keen with at least three tarot card and psychic readers. But my best psychic experience has also been plagued with really bad ones as well. The fact of the matter is that often times you must do your research to locate powerful love psychics

 How To Know if A Psychic Is Real ?:

  •  As I've written before, A real psychic or tarot card reader will ALWAYS tell you the truth even when a part of you isn't ready for the truth or would rather hear something "good". Say you really want to bring your lover back, but it's not what will happen – a good psychic won't tell you he or she is coming back JUST because you want to hear it TODAY or to keep you calling back and spending more money wondering where your lover is. Besides, bad lovers often lead us to great ones. So why hang on to what isn't even good for you. A real psychic will be able to compassionately tell you this.
  • A real intuitive will respect your time. They won't keep you hanging on the phone JUST to accrue more minutes.
  • The best psychic will also explain free will to you. Even if they do provide you with a great prediction or outcome, they'll warn you to that predictions are based on continuing on a the same path with NO intervention. For example, if you're waiting for your lover to come back and a psychic says he or she will, if you give it some time. You could destroy your reading by calling and texting everyday.
  • True Tarot readers will explain ALL the cards they pull. Let's face it many of us don't have a clue about tarot cards and their different meanings. A great reader will explain them to you. A real tarot reader will be able to break the cards down in simple terms.
  • Real readers and intuitives have balanced feedback on their profile and other places around the internet as well. Beware of feedback that suggest everyone is getting the outcome they want. This is a serious red flag. A tarot reader or psychic should have feedback that has perspective and is peppered with some disappointment too, like: “I appreciate you for telling me what I needed to hear, now I can move on to better possibilities”.
  •  Amazing readers will also talk about YOUR OWN POWER. Psychic addiction is very real unfortunately. And many bad psychics like to keep people enabled as if the reader has all the answers. The fact of the matter is YOU can create your own best reality. Sometimes romances don't work out. Most times divine source, higher power, whatever you believe in has something better and YOU CAN ATTRACT IT. The best reader will tell you this too. They'll also let you know when you're calling way too much and becoming too dependent on outside forces like tarot cards or other divination tools.