Roswell, NM - A Quiet Town

Roswell, New Mexico is a decidedly sleepy little town in the southeastern part of the state. Sleepy, that is, until a fresh load of tourists and UFOlogists ride into town and the locals turn into a ravenous group of bloodsuckers that would put the characters in the Vampire Diaries to shame.

Famous for decades as the site of the “Roswell Incident” as well as the home of Area 51, Roswell has very little else going for it other than the “UFO” tourist trade. It seems that very few “real” people are interested in visiting the only other item of note, Demi Moore’s place of birth.

The Incident

By local accounts, in 1947, an unidentified flying object – the word had not taken on the modern connotation yet – landed forcefully and unexpectedly in the desert just outside Roswell and U.S. Air Force personnel rushed to the scene to secure the area from the prying eyes of the general public.

Actually, the craft, and I use the term loosely, crashed almost 75 miles away in Corona, NM. Typically, for a government agency, the staff of Roswell Air Force took over a month to actually respond to the information that there was some debris in the Corona area. In the interim, a rancher, his son and dozens of scavenging birds examined the remains of the craft and its occupants. There has been some speculation that the birds were escorted to a higher plane.

Government Denial

Although the first officer in charge, First Lieutenant Walter Haut, initially stated in a formal press release that a “flying disc” was recovered, he quickly recanted his story when pressured with the facts by lackeys of the Truman administration. Subsequently, spokesmen for the administration would repeatedly describe the craft as a standard, high altitude “weather balloon.” To his dying day, the 1st LT maintained that no one could mistake a “flying disc” for a “weather balloon.

The Truth As It Stands

More disturbingly, the scavenger birds of southeastern New Mexico will not frequent the area around the crash site and will only alight if there is fresh carrion. Perhaps, they know something that we don’t and wonder where their brethren have gone?

Over the years, many subsequent investigations have been undertaken and several high profile books written, in every case, government cooperation has not been forthcoming. Is it any wonder that the people of Roswell and the United States do not buy their story about the events in 1947.

What's the Town of Roswell Up To?

These days, Roswell has morphed into a gathering place for those interested in UFOs, aliens, first contact and conspiracies. While the local government is more interested in supporting the local dairy, petroleum and ranching communities, the people are still far more interested in getting to the bottom of the cover-up.

Some things never change regardless of how much information is available and the true believers remain firm in their stand. It is unfortunate that this is the case but also means that the answer to the question, “Are there still aliens in Roswell, NM,” may well never be satisfactorily answered.