Are there still profitable niches around?

...yes - you just need to start acting like a business person

Niche marketing has been popular for a little while now, and the average online business person considering expanding into niche marketing could be forgiven for wondering if it has all been done before. Is there still an opportunity for profit in niche markets? Are there still niche markets out there for new sites to take advantage of?

Yes there are. Certainly with the popularity of niche marketing many of the obvious niches have been exploited to what I think is the fullest extent. But that’s just my opinion – there is often a completely different view on niches and a different way of doing things than the standard which can revolutionise industries. The real secret to discovering opportunities in niche markets today is using the most sophisticated tools on hand to maximise your efforts and rewards.

Niche Finder – a sophisticated yet easy to use niche finding tool

Yes, Niche Finder is good for finding Niche keywords, but that is simply the first step in establishing a niche site. To have a truly big picture of the capacity for profit and success, you will want an assessment of the competition.  To really make an informed decision about your online business – you need all the available information at hand. You may like to use a free tool, but free information will only get you so far. If you’re running a business, you will need to get professional.Credit Card Debt (39867)

That is the real strength behind Niche Finder, it gives you an idea of what competition there is in the marketplace you are investigating, and the strength of that competition. It gives each keyword returned in search results a difficulty score out of 100 – with zero being the easiest to rank for in natural search engine results, and 100 the highest.

Once you find a niche keyword that has a level of competition you feel confident in tackling, you can progress to the next stage – including your keyword in your new domain name. Once again, you can do this within the Niche Finder software – it’s integrated with Domain Face – so if you don’t already have a free account with them – go grab one and get all the information you can.

Finding a niche market to get into is only half the battle – you need to have all possible information at your fingertips so you can make the best decisions about your online business’ direction. After all - it's not a hobby, it's a business right?