Not too long ago I had someone rear end in my car. This was my car of eight years that I was perfectly fine with.

Yeah it didn’t have air-conditioning and the paint was all messed up but it worked, it was nice, and I was comfortable with it until it got smashed.

Of course, no insurance companies are going to give me the amount of money I needed to get a new car. That’s fine, I’ll take used.

But guess what? There was not enough money for a comparable used car, either.

Multiply this difficulty a thousand times when you understand that my wife stays at home and takes care of the kids and I work at a corporation.

The money coming in is pretty limited and we needed more. So, what was I to do?

I had to keep my day job because it was the only source of income but I needed more of it. The 2 to 3% raises, and very infrequent promotions, were just not cutting it.

I couldn’t take a second job at a local store or anything like that because I really, really have to and want to spend time with my family.

What was I supposed to do?

The same thing you can do. You want to keep your day job and make more money working on your side wages, right? Let's talk about it.

Get A Home Base Website

You have to have a home base website. You have to have some type of platform or place that you can direct people to and that you can put all of your extra time and effort into.

Whether that’s articles, pictures, videos, audio files, podcasts, documents... you name it!

Everything you’ve created needs to be in one spot. I don't normally recommend putting it all up onto other sites that you don't own like Facebook, Flickr, and all these other places because if those things get shutdown, you’ve lost everything.

You have to have a home base website to keep everything safe. This is what you build off of to help you make more money.

Produce New Content At Least Once A Week

While you’re working on your home base, aim for one relevant article at least every week. It’s going to take a while; there are no get rich quick schemes out there.

But if you do the right amount of work and you do it as a habit, which means frequently and consistently, then you’ll eventually see good results.

You'll at least be able to see what’s working for you, how you can refocus your efforts after some amount of time, and what you’ve noticed is working to help you grow.

So, plan to consistently put out at least one piece of content per week. Whether that’s an article, a video, an audio, a picture, or whatever.

Every single week build a habit and do it.

Woman working on her sidewages from home.
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Follow Those Already Doing What You Want To Do

Follow the podcasts of those doing what you want to do so you can learn how you can be producing more higher quality stuff.

In order to be an excellent producer out there, you do need to do a little bit of constructive consumption. By that, I mean check on podcasts of people that are already doing what you like.

For instance, if you’re interested in making money online or learning about marketing then you really have to listen to:

  • Lifestyle Business Podcast
  • Internet Business Mastery podcast
  • Empire Flippers Podcast
  • Smart Passive Income Podcast
  • Foolish Adventure Podcast
  • Freedom Ocean Podcast

...and on and on and on.

There are ton of them out there but they’ve got podcasts for needle-work, they’ve got podcasts for making crafts, and they’ve podcasts for all kinds of stuff you're interested in.

You just have to find what's out there and commit to learning from them.

Learn from what they’re saying and it will boost you ahead by weeks and months and maybe even years. It'll greatly help you learn what you need to do and what you want to do most to make extra money on the side.

Keep Your Day Job & Make More Money

If you want to supplement your income a little bit, things are a little tight, and you want a little bit more comfort at home, then that’s great.

Just make sure you’ve got a home base website to build of off, you produce one piece of content consistently, and you follow leaders that are already doing what you want to do. I suggest podcasts for this learning experience.

As your homework for today, do some research and figure out some new methods to work on your sidewages.