If you are considering using cloth diapers then make sure you have really weighed up the pros and cons because this is a big change and if you have been using disposables and suddenly decided to switch you definitely notice the change.

 If you are thinking, well here we go again, it seems like we are always going back in time. The difference is, however, that these diapers are a little different to what you would expect from what you would get back in the day. You may even think they are are disposable, by looking at them. Some of them come with either velcro or snaps.

 Parents who have switched over, have not had many worries. In fact this is more than just green living. Parents say that by using cloth diapers, children are forced to toilet train themselves at a younger age. You can imagine that the skin of your baby is in a much better condition because there are definitely no chemicals here.

Parents often just accept that rash is a way of life with babies who wear diapers, but you will notice how this soon changes over time. It's not only skin problems that chemicals are attributing to, but thre has also been a link to respiratory problems with babies who wear disposables and as you can imagine, this has caused a big outcry.

 The financial rewards and savings you will make are unbelievalbe. Some parents will switch over just because of this reason and this is no surprise, especially in these harsh times we are living in. It has been said that some parents are saving a massive $600 a year. Cloth diapers would only cost most parents $150 a year. This alone, is a big incentive to head off and start the process.

So are there any negatives?

Of course, there are going to be negatives. I mean this is a product after all that you either love or have set backs about. It seems the major set back about this particular thing is the time that goes with it. This is just something that you would think that would be incovenient.

With anything relating to green living and providing something which is going to provide  better healthy conditions you really do have to make extra effort and so this is just a given. Some parents have the time for this. Others who are new to parenthood really can't substitute their sleep time and have to give in to disposable diapers.

There is also the debate with daycare. There have been parents who have been rejected from daycare because of the fact of the type of diapers their kids are wearing. Amazing, isn't it!

cloth diapers

Obviously your daycare is really important to you and if you have settled on something and your child is used to it then you are not going to move somewhere else just because of the diaper issue because if you are looking around and testing the waters then this is soemthing that you want to take into consideration.

How to wash cloth diapers

  • There are a range of cloth diapers available, but the basic principal here is the same across the board.
  • Start by separating the different materials and wash natural fabrics separately.
  • Everything should be washed on a cold cycle the first time with a detergent.
  • The second time wash everything on a warm wash. Use the same detergent.
  • Do a rinse
  • Everything can be tumble dried, but those covers with pockets or which have loops and hooks should preferably need to be dried on the line.

Finding a cloth diaper detergent

 The point of the exercise is not to use chemicals - at least one of the points, so that's why it is vital to make sure that you are not using anything that is going to harm the baby's skin. Use a recommended product and check the ingredients.

Otherwise you may as well be using disposables again. Make sure no dyes, fragrances or fabric softeners are included. This may cause the diaper to leak. To get to know the accurate amounts find out more from a chart which will tell you how much you need per load.