Are vaccines safe? Nowadays, when you or your child have to get vaccinated for a disease, is it really worth it? Today we’ll look at several common vaccinations, the consequences of getting them, and how effective they really are. People tell you they are crucial for your health. No matter how safe and important they might be, it’s better to look at the possible dangers to be aware of possible consequences.

are vaccines safe

First: What are some common vaccinations that your child would get?

The Hepatitis B Vaccine: Taken as a baby right after birth. Two doses- the second one should be administered after 1st month of birth.

The Polio Vaccine: Shouldn’t be given to people 18 years+. Your child (4 months between 18 years of age) will need 3 doses- 2nd dose needs to be administered after 4 weeks. 3rd dose needs to be administered after 6 months.

The Chicken Pox Vaccine: Should be given to people under 18 who have yet to get chickenpox. Two doses: one at 12-15 months old and another one at 4-6 years old.

Those are some common vaccinations that your child would get. Optimally, they would protect him/her from the disease. However, are they really safe?

First, there are unwanted side effects for vaccines. Some minor side effects are swelling where you got the shot, headaches, and fever. That is not a big problem (or at least most would think) because at least it keeps you safe from the virus. However, it might not be as effective as you might think. For the 2011-2012 flu vaccine, it was most effective for the first 1-2 months but afterwards, was found not to be effective. My advice is to get your vaccine soon, if you are going to get it.

Another point I would like to make is that an HPV vaccination has dangerous side effects like seizures, paralysis and brain injuries. The truth is, we don’t know what vaccinations can do to you because there are not many studies that look at its results. Sometimes the reason why vaccinations aren’t effective is because the formula is so specific and if they don’t get the right formulation, the vaccine is ineffective! The vaccination is propagated as a highly effective solution to the disease, which it usually isn’t.

However, there are a great number of people that found that it was a great solution for them. Whether or not it was a placebo effect, we will never know.

In conclusion, I would tell you that it would be better not to get a flu shot if you eat a healthy diet. Some vaccinations might have substances like mercury! On the other hand, immunizations have been extremely effective for diseases like polio- it has almost been completely eradicated. Also, take a look at your lifestyle. If you travel a lot, maybe you should get yourself immunized. First and foremost, you need to fix your diet and lifestyle because it is the keystone to your health.  The first step is to remove foods that contain inflammatory substances like gluten and dairy. Increase your intake of lean meats, fruits and vegetables.


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