Weddings are among the most-celebrated traditions of all time and most moneyed individuals often look towards big-name fashion gurus to create the perfect wedding gown for them to wear on their dream wedding.

The question is... who is the best in the business? Well... where weddings are concerned, one name that effortlessly comes to mind is Vera Wang.

One of the most renowned fashion designers in the world, Vera Wang is best known for her wedding gown collection and has designed wedding gowns for Hollywood stars like Vanessa Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, among others.

Most Vera Wang wedding dresses involve intricate draping, layering and showcase an almost obsessive attention to fabric and detail. But what's good about Vera Wang is that she strives to create a dress that not only looks good on the bride, but embodies the bride's personality as well.

On her website, she categorizes brides as being traditionalist, modernist, sensualist, individualist, romanticist, minimalist, or exhibitionist.

Vera Wang wedding dresses are then designed according to what kind of bride you are. Your personality dictates not only the style she will create for you, but also the fabric and accents she will employ.

Perhaps her gift of creating a personalized approach to gown designing is what draws clients to her; for not only does she look at the bride's personality in making the decision as to what style to create, but she also gets the bride's input by asking which attributes she would like the dress to emphasize.

This way, she makes sure that the dress complements rather than outshines the bride's beauty.

Truly, a wedding dress is more than just something you wear on a special day. Rather, it is the ultimate symbol of the fulfillment of a dream of a lifetime.

This is the reason why a bride's wedding dress has to be perfectly made just for her, and here is where Vera Wang's expertise is most appreciated. You really cannot go wrong with one of her bridal gowns on your big day.

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