Are Cell Phones Making Us Rude

Are We Addicted?

I had written about this in an earlier article. In that article entitled “How Many People Are You Having Lunch With”, I point out the fact that we cannot even be present with people we are having a meal with!

Over the past few days, I was actively taking in the data for this article.

At A Movie Theatre in Berwick, Australia

I went to see Magic Mike. My daughter wanted to see this and her friend bailed on her, so my wife and I got roped in. Outside the theatre, I noticed everyone frantically texting away. Now when I say everyone, I’d say about 95% of the people. I wasn’t, as I have nobody to text! All of these people cannot possibly be texting their friends telling them they are in line for a movie! No! They were just having conversations with everybody BUT the person they were with!

When we entered the theatre, they kept on going! Through the previews, more texting!!! Now most put them away once the movie started. But as soon as it was over, “BAM!” away they went! Like, what major important message from the President came in, in less than two hours! Never mind the person you came to see the movie with! Oh yea, they are on their phone! Magic Mike was not that impressive, so I doubt they had to post it up on Facebook!

In The Bathroom At The Movies

Yes! The movie theatre is encouraging you to multi task! See the picture! Like, I have enough trouble just texting, let alone picking my seat in a theatre while doing my business! Never mind the guy next to you whose leg you are getting wet!

In Central City Melbourne, Australia

This was a complete joke! Seriously! Literally! A Joke.

It was a busy Wednesday afternoon. Business men (and women - mainly dressed in black skirts, black tights, and black shoes!), school groups, and tourists making their way through the city. I have to say on average, 1 out of every 3 people were on a cellular device. At least 2 out of 3 were carrying one in the open, you know, just in case a call from the Premier came in while walking to the local McDonalds!

Look, it is not that I am against cell phones. I am against rude people. People who:

1.) Are more interested in who is farting on facebook than the person standing right next to them

2.) Walk down the street laughing at a text while almost banging into everybody on the street

3.) Never seem to hear the “Please turn of your phone” announcement and they have an “Achy Breaky Heart” ringtone go off in the middle of a seminar

4.) Answer a call in a seminar and scream out “Hey, I am in a seminar! Can I call you after I get out”, but just keep on talking!

5.) Sit in the movies and text people with their screen lighting up the row

You know who you are! It is probably someone reading this article. You are probably saying, yeah, but it was an important call, etc, etc, etc.

Be respectful of the people around you!

Enjoy the sunshine on your face!

Disconnect from all the business and just breathe!

Enjoy the moment! You cannot text from the grave!

Oh yeah! Please do not text while driving - we won’t even go there!