Man vs Woman

How often have we heard statements like, “Men are better drivers than women” or “Men are more intelligent than women” and the other way round like, “Women are better at multitasking than men” or “Women are better communicators than men”? The battle for the superiority of sexes has been going on since the time Adam and Eve were born, and the first debate began with, ‘Who came first – Adam or Eve?’ Since then countless theories have been proposed, several researches have been done, and multiple experiments have been conducted to decide conclusively which gender dominates the other, but to no avail. Finally, it is time for a showdown. It is time to settle this debate once and for all.

We undertake the basic assumption that, since women were given the same rights as men quite late in the 19th century (starting with the Suffrage Movement or the Right to Vote in United States in 1920 to as late as 2002 in Bahrain), therefore any benchmarks comparing the progress of women with men would have to take that into consideration. Let us consider the following hypotheses.

Men vs Women
Credit: sigma scientist

The scores are tied and the match is drawn. In fact, that has been the case with most studies conducted across the world, by leading scientists and researchers where no significant dominance could be achieved. However, if we observe closely, we realize a single thread running through the results of all the experiments. Whether we study the way the brains are wired between man and woman, or read the famous book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, or do a statistical analysis of the tests conducted by taking a sample of men and women, it becomes clear that men rely more on logic in their approach, which I call the ‘mind’ character, whereas women rely on ‘emotion’ in their approach, which I call the ‘heart’ character. The percentages in which, a man or woman, combines the heart or mind character may vary from person to person. But in general, on an average, a man would use more than 50 percent of mind character and a woman more than 50 percent of heart. The higher dependence on logic, coupled with higher competitiveness due to the male hormone – testosterone makes men better at numerical reasoning, physically stronger and better at motor skills. On the other hand, higher dependence on emotions make women better at communication, relationships and understanding other people (mind readers). In fact, because of greater interconnections between the two hemispheres of the brain, women can combine logic with intuition better, making them better at verbal reasoning and processing complex emotions. Due to the same reason, women have a greater affinity for fine arts like music, dance or languages.

The debate between men and women has been going on for generations with each posing for their own superiority. But this debate is equivalent to asking the question which is superior to the mind or the heart. The mind can enable you to live a life of luxury, but it would be incomplete if you do not have loved ones to share it with. Similarly, heart can enable you to take good care of your children, but it would be incomplete if there was not enough food for them, which has been enabled by technology. In reality, one is incomplete without the other. It is only with the balance between the two, that the society can thrive. Over generations, due to domination of men, mind has been given preference over the heart. The result is that, while there is abundance in life but humans have never been unhappier before. People have mobile phones which can enable them to talk to their loved ones anytime they want, but they are busy with phone even in front of their loved ones with no time for real interaction. People can now get jobs to earn sufficient income to provide for their loved ones, but they are working crazy hours with no time for their family. It looks like the future is bleak, but the night is darkest before the dawn. People are realizing the importance of the heart which appears in various ways – increasing role of women in society, greater importance to work-life balance, flexi-hours to spend time with your family, and increasing importance given for preservation of nature. Let’s strive towards balance between mind and heart, for a better earth, for a better future and for a better life.