Making Money at Home with Crafts - Make Your Own Space

Do you drive your family nuts with all your crafting? Are you still on the fence as to whether you should do this as a business? Here is a great test you can take to decide if you are a "craftaholic" Someone who eats, dreams and thinks of crafts all the time.

1) If it stands still, then you paint it!

2) Your kids bring flower covered scrapbooks instead of binders to school, and decorated tote bags instead of knapsacks.

3) You wear a glue gun holster... you just never know when something will need hot glue. Your motto, if it moves and it should not, then hot glue it. You always have glue strings hanging from somewhere on your person.Making Money at Home(134220)Credit: crafts

4) Your house is full of scrap fabrics, papers, threads, wool, beads, broken vases, old wooden boxes, broken furniture, stacks of old patterns, glue gun sticks.... these are not scraps to you, these are potential craft projects and treasures. To you these are gold mines, you just need a place to put them right?

5) Your side of the table, is piled high with craft ideas, pictures and articles, and half done crafts. At dinner time, all anyone can see are your eyeballs above the pile you have created at your end of the table. Or, you and your family never eat at the table, it is too full of "crafts" The kids like this part, because they can eat in front of the TV, since the table is so full.

6) No one wants you to get their name at Christmas, because they just know they are going to get one of your latest "crafts" for a present. Everyone keeps trading names to get away from you.

7) You have a craft supplier on speed dial.

8) You pick your kids up from school, with paint in your hair, on your face, on your shoes, with complimentary glue string strands, and you wear your painting shirt like its a new fashion statement.. Then you wonder why your kids look embarrassed when they come out after school. Maybe they are the last kids to come out of school, and you are left waiting with all the stares. Or they make a run for the car and hide their heads.

9) You have been called the stencil queen...

10) You will never be fingerprinted, because you have burned your finger tips too many times with the hot glue gun.

If this is you... then maybe it is time to get serious about your crafts and turning them into money. You probably have enough crafts around your house, that you can open a online store right away, or have enough product for a few craft shows at one time! Get some great pictures, I am sure your friends and family will be so excited that you are going to sell your crafts as a business, that they will help you get organized.

What better business to start, then one you are already passionate about?... Rather than unloading them all on your friends and family for every holiday there is on the calendar, try going worldwide, which is what will happen on the internet. You will empty your house and line your pockets!... then you can buy more craft supplies! or maybe not!

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